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Environmental Encroachment (EE)
Performance Archive
6/29 33 REVOLUTIONS: Posters & Prints from Screwball Press 1991-2024
Art Show Launch Party at Fitzgeralds with Walkie Talkies and John Langford And His Fancymen.

6/16 Sundays on State - Downtown Performance

6/9 TWO shows at Andersonville's Midsommer Fest (2 and 5pm)

6/5 Reggie's for Annual Special Needs Academies Benefit

6/1 Phyllis' Musical Inn for Do Division Fest

5/22 The Ivy Room - French-American Chamber of Commerce Party

5/18 Headsucker's Ball Crawfish Party at McGee's Tavern

4/20 Dank Magic Market at Marz Brewing Mothership

4/20 Curaleaf, Chicago Party

3/29 Good Friday BunnyCon Chicago

3/17 Horse Thief Hollow Show Post-Parade~!

3/17 South Side Irish St. Patrick's Day Parade

3/2 Chiditarod IX: Phyllis' Musical Inn Checkpoint Show

3/2 CHIDITAROD IX: LAUNCH: Charity Shopping Cart Race and Event

2/29 Landmarks Illinois presents Preservation Forward at The Old Post Office

2/13 Mardi Gras Show and Crayfish Boil at Livewire Lounge

2/10 PACZKI Festival at Marz Community Brewing, Bridgeport
2023 (29)(1440)
12/30 EE Anniversary Party and Performance at MARZ Brewing

12/3 Illinois Cycle-Cross Championships at Montrose Harbor

12/2 Krampusnacht at MARZ Brewing

12/1 Krampusnacht Parade - D-Men to Revolution Tap

11/4 MARZ 9th Anniversary - "Liquid Dreams"

10/21 Arts in the Dark Parade with Criu de Sheela and Beverly Arts Alliance

10/8 HONK! After-Party Set

10/8 HONK!, Harvard Square Set, Church Street

10/8 HONK! Parade, Somerville to Harvard Square

10/7 HONK! After-Party Set

10/7 HONK! Festival, Statue Park

10/7 HONK! Festival, Kenney Park

9/22 Day 1 of CHUG FEST, Marz Brewing

9/9 Renegade Craft at Phyllis' Musical Inn's Beer Garden

9/8 FUZZ AID - Maui Funds and Awareness Raiser, with Horno Stars

8/13 Sundays on State - Washington and Lake Stage

7/23 Haddon Block Party

7/14 Krampus in July Pageant and Pub Crawl with D-Men Tap

7/8 Dark Matter Coffee "Sweet 16" Anniversary Party

6/9 Full Schilling Bar and Grateful Dead Busking in Wrigleyville

6/4 Do Division and Phyllis' Musical Inn Garage and Art Sale

4/23 DANK Fest at MARZ Community Brewing

4/9 JoJo Baby - A Celebration of Life - Cabaret Metro

4/7 BunnyCon - Phyllis's and Pub Crawl

3/18 Alt. St. Pats Parade and Jam in Pilsen

3/12 Southside Irish Parade with Criu de Sheela

3/4 CHIDITAROD Charity Shopping Cart Race and Event

2/21 Mardi Gras at Livewire Lounge

2/19 PACZKI Festival at Marz Community Brewing, Bridgeport
2022 (35)(1411)
12/3 Krampus Party at Marz Brewing

12/2 Krampusnacht Parade - Dmen to Rev Tap Room

11/27 EE Holiday Jam at Phyllis'

11/19 City Lights Festival - Downtown Chicago

10/31 Halloween at Phyllis' Musical Inn

10/30 Logan Square Celebration and Parade

10/22 Weird-o-thon Marathon in Blue Island

10/2 Oktoberfest at Phyllis' Musical Inn

10/1 Criu de Shiela Fundraiser at Beverly Arts Center

9/15 Meet Me on The Mile, Pioneer Square Chicago

9/11 EE inside Phyllis' Musical Inn, Renegade Craft Fair

9/9 Vulgar Vic's Birthday at Liar's Club

9/8 EE encroaches at Chicago's Full Moon Jam, Foster Beach

8/13 Party at artist Dave's Garagemaphone - Beverly Area Arts Alliance

7/30 Indiana Dunes National Park (Beach)

7/30 Chesterton, Indiana, Farmer's Market

7/24 EE outdoors at Phyllis' Musical Inn's Beer Garden

7/21 PHOTO DOCK: Filter Photo's Party

7/17 Dave and Jesse Birthday Party - Little Italy

7/16 Krampus In July Parade - Avondale

7/7 EE Opening up the season for The Urban Farm

7/3 Beach and Brass: Reggies' on the Beach

6/13 Reggies' Benefit for Vaughn Academy

6/4 Phyllis's Musical Inn and EE Garage Sale

5/21 Steve P Birthday Party; Douglass Park

5/14 Bachelor Party/Film Re-enactment; Logan Square

4/24 Reggies' Roof-top Crayfish Boil with Mr. Blotto

3/20 D.I.Y. St. Pats Parade with Chic-a-go-go

3/18 Bikes-n-Roses Benefit with Rat Patrol

3/13 Post-Parade Historical Bar Crawl, Blue Island IL

3/13 South-side Irish Parade, #90, Western Avenue, Chicago

3/5 Chiditarod Shopping Cart Fundraiser and Blockditarod Party

3/1 LiveWire Lounge Crawfish Boil and Evening Party

3/1 Draft Bar Chicago Mardi Gras Party

1/7 Driveway Get Well Show
2021 (28)(1376)
12/4 Krampusnacht Parade and Pop-Up, D-Men and Revolution Brewing

12/3 Krampus Party at MARZ Brewing

10/31 Micro Crew for Halloween at Phyllis' Musical Inn

10/30 Andersonville Trick or Treat Event

10/24 Meet Me at the Mile, Water Tower downtown

10/23 Elain's moving to Tenn. Party

10/23 City of Chicago's Upside Down Parade, Washington Park

10/17 Micro Crew at M. W.'s Memorial - Bunker Hill, Cook C. Forest Preserve

10/15 Ricky D's Birthday at Live Wire Lounge

10/2 Metroberfest at Metropolitan Brewing

9/25 2 Sets at Andersonville Homecoming

9/24 Circus Party at The Farm, Chicago

8/28 Wedding at Hairpin Arts Center,  Chicago

8/27  Phyllis' Beer Garden and Indoor  Show

8/22 Love is the Liberator event, 17th Church of Christ, Scientist, Chicago

8/20 Glenwood Arts Fest, Roger's Park, Chicago

8/8 Phyllis' Beer Garden, 3-6

8/7 Loyola / Farwell Street Beach Open-Mic

7/25 A-Street March for HOME, WA

7/24 Brasslandia, Alma Mater, Tacoma WA

7/23 BLEND Wine Bar, Lake Bay Wa

7/16 KRAMPUS in July, D-Men tap and Metropolitan Brewing

7/11 Phyllis' Beer Garden, 3-6

7/4 4th of July at Reggies' and Reggies' On The Beach

6/24 Haley and Lauren's Wedding at Cafe Brauer

5/29 Loyola / Farwell Street Beach Open-Mic

5/22 Phyllis' Musical Inn with Ricky D's Blues Band

1/9 Snow Birthday Gig at Phyllis' Musical Inn Beer Garden
2020 (26)(1348)
12/5 Krampusnacht at Belmont and Western Avenues

11/8 Heat Wave Performance at Phyllis' Musical Inn Beer Garden

11/1 EE Day of the Dead Performance at Phyllis' Musical Inn Beer Garden

10/31 Blommer's Chocolate Upside Down Halloween Parade, Washington Park Chicago

10/11 EE Florida Party - 1st Annual - Phyllis' Beer Garden

10/4 LIVESTOCK: Music Festival on a Chicago Urban Farm

8/24 EE Adventure Band Camp - Burning Dan 47

8/23 EE Adventure Band Camp - Home WA March

8/22 EE Adventure Band Camp - Tacoma Day (2)

8/20 EE Adventure Camp - Bad Ranger Jam at Mount Ranier

7/16 Beer Garden Performance - Phyllis' Musical Inn

7/4 Independence Day, Fourth of July Party at Phyllis' Musical Inn

6/27 Acadia Restaurant's Organic Produce Distribution

6/17 Re-opening of the Beer Garden at Phyllis' Musical Inn

6/13 Acadia Chicago 'Industry' Organic Produce Distribution

6/11 Steven and Samantha's Drive by Birthday - Bucktown

5/23 Kai Fogelson's 14th Drive By Birthday Party

5/23 Acadia Industry Food Distribution

5/9 Acadia Chicago 'Industry' Organic Produce Distribution

5/2 Acadia Chicago 'Industry' Organic Produce Distribution

3/13 Kenny's 50th B-day at Phyllis' Musical Inn

3/7 Chiditarod XV Shopping Cart Charity Event

2/28 Ivy King Cup Roller Derby Championships at UIC Pavilion

2/25 LiveWire Lounge Annual Mardi Gras Crawfish Boil

2/23 Reggies' Annual Mardi Gras Party

1/17 Level Eater X Party at Co-Prosperity Sphere
2019 (52)(1322)

12/31 New Year's Eve at Acadia Restaurant

12/8 Midwest CX Cyclecross Championship Series: Montrose Beach, Chicago

12/6 Marz Brewing "Krampbiscus" Beer unveiling and Krampus party

12/5 Krampusnacht and Parade: D-Men Tap and Metropolitan Brewing

10/29 Content Jam After-Party at House of Blues

10/27 Closing Party for the Woodard Plaza: Avondale

10/26 Day Before Satan's Birthday Party - Metropolitan Brew Pub

10/25 Last Practice Party at Elain's Moving Sale

10/13 PRONK Festival: Outdoor Amphitheater Stage near Hot Club

10/13 PRONK Festival Indigenous People's Day Parade and Bridge Dedication

10/13 PRONK Festival, Providence RI, Geodesic Dome Stage

10/12 All Band Review 2 at Art Farm: HONK Festival After-party

10/12 Band Review Show: Main stage Harvard Square: HONK Festival

10/12 HONK Festival Parade: Davis Square to Harvard Square

10/11 EE at HONK: Seven Hills Park Stage

10/11 EE at HONK: Elm and Grove Stage

10/10 All Band Review - Opening Night of HONK Fest: Bow Market

10/9 Brass Band Boogaloo, Union Square, Pre-HONK event

9/21 Metroberfest, Metropolitan Brewery

9/21 Memorial Service for McKinley Olsen

9/13 Beverly Art Walk Support Party and Fundraiser

9/8 Disco Demolition Remembered, Free White Sox Sundays at Reggies'

8/26 Burning Dan

8/17 do312 Rock-n-Roll Market at East Room, Logan Square, Chicago

7/28 1919 White Sox exoneration and Free Sox Day with Reggies

7/27 Bughouse Square Debates with Newberry Library

7/21 Chicago's Rock-n-Roll 1/2 Marathon sponsored by Humana

7/18 Wanderlust Pop-Up Art Show at Bottom Lounge

7/14 Windy City Smoke-Out at United Center

7/8 Jackson's Cat Tap Dance Surprise Encroachment

7/4 Barrington, Illinois, Fourth of July Parade

6/8 Bub City Crawfish Boil

6/2 Wizard Pop Up and Art Sale - Phyllis' Musical Inn Beer Garden

6/1 OATH DAY 7 - Solemn Oath Brewery, Naperville IL

5/31 PrEE-funk homage to George Clinton - Aragon Ballroom Sidewalk

5/26 Toon's Bar Crawfish Broil

5/19 Reggies Annual Crawfish Boil

3/19 Music for Dinner Show at Split Rail Restaurant

3/17 Southside Irish St. Patrick's Day Parade

3/15 Kenny's B-day at Phyllis' Musical Inn

3/7 EE with Wild Rumpus Jazz Band and 4-Star Brass at Reggies

3/5 3rd Annual LiveWire Mardi Gras Crawfish Boil

3/2 14th Annual Chiditarod Shopping Cart Race for Charity

2/9 Party for Freedom, Albany Park, Chicago

1/22 International HONK Band Jam, Open Studio, Melbourne AU

1/13 HONK Oz After Party - Austinmer Beach, Wollongong AU

1/12 - All Band HONK Slam - Illawarra Music Factory

1/12 HONK OZ - Art Gallery Entrance with Les Femes Fatales

1/11 HONK Oz Town Hall Arts Precinct Band Showcase

1/11 HONK OZ Grand Street Parade - IPAC

1/11 HONK OZ - Musician's Lounge -

1/10 HONK OZ - Eat Streets Market - Wollongong AU


12/31 NYE at ACADIA

12/8 Krampusnacht Parade and Party, Maria's Lounge and Co-Prosperity Sphere

12/7 Krampbiscus Brew release party at Marz Taproom

11/3 K and L's Chicago Wedding

11/2 Abby's Birthday Party on South Jefferson Street

10/31 North Halsted Street Halloween Parade

10/20 EE with the Mud Queens at Reggies'

10/19 100th Anniversary Party for the Chopin Theater, Chicago

10/17 Zombie Prom Merlo Party

10/14 Logan Monument Centennial Celebration, Logan Square, Chicago

10/10 Content Jam Conference with Orbit Media, downtown Chicago

10/8 PRONK: EE set at Hot Club Stage

10/8 PRONK Parade, and pre-parade Set under the Tree

10/7 EE plays at Harvard Square Oktoberfest - HONK set and all-band review

10/7 HONK! Parade from Davis Square to Harvard Square

10/6 EE show at Art Farm After-Party, HONK Festival

10/6 EE 5pm show at Elm Street, Davis Square, HONK Festival

10/6 EE 2pm show at Stature Park, Davis Square, HONK Festival

10/5 HONK Fest Opening After Party

10/5 Lantern Parade, HONK Festival, Sommerville Neighborhoods

10/4 Brass Band Boolgaloo - Union Square, Somerville MA pre-HONK show

9/28 Gordon Mitchell Solomons Memorial, Transamoeba Studios

9/22 T.G.'s House Party, Logan Square

9/14 Star Farms Fundraiser and End of Summer Awards

9/8 Crescent Block Party (QQ)

8/30 North River Commission's Lot Jams in Albany Park

8/18 Burning Dan

8/11 Marion Court Block Party

8/10 Green Bunny Birthday Party, Old Town

8/4 Chicago Brass Band Showcase at Reggies

7/28 Bughouse Square Debates, Newberry Library, Washington Square Park

7/22 Chicago Humana Rock and Roll Half Marathon

7/15 WA TOUR: EE at Rhythm and Rye and Park, WA

7/14 WA TOUR: Big Fun Party, Lake Bay, WA

7/13 WA TOUR: EE at The Swiss, Tacoma, WA

7/11 WA TOUR: EE at Stormy Mountain Brew Pub, Chelan, WA

7/8 WA TOUR: EE at Shore Acres Resort, Loon Lake, WA

7/7 WA TOUR: SPONK Saturday Evening Show, Spokane WA

7/7 WA TOUR: SPONK Saturday Parade, Spokane, WA

7/6 WA TOUR: SPONK Friday at House of Soul, Spokane, WA

7/4 WA TOUR: EE with Neon Party Brass Band, Tot Lot, Seattle, WA

7/4 WA TOUR: Colors of Freedom, Fourth of July Parade, Everett WA

6/30 Soiree Off Broadway Party, Rock Island Public House, Blue Island IL

6/15 Disco Fever Skating Benefit for Dawes School at Fleetwood Roller Rink, Summit IL

6/9 Oath Day 6 Party at Solemn Oath Brewery

6/9 Vaughn Occupational Academy School Fair

5/30 Special School Summit with Dawes, Vaughn Occupational, Ray Graham School, and Miseracordia at Reggies Rock Club and Music Joint.

5/19 Working Bikes Volunteer Party

5/7 EE with Blue Ribbon Glee Club and Bill Mummy at Cafe Mustache.

4/20 Shaken and Stirred Occupational Psychology Conference, Sheraton

4/8 EE at Unitarian Church in Evanston for Rev Bret's Music Sermon

4/7 EE with Romeo Dance Cheetah and Aaron Kamm at Reggies

3/17 Saint Patrick's Day Logan Square Pub Crawl at Slippery Slope

3/14 Student presentations against Gun Violence, Newberry Library

3/11 The Annual Unauthorized DIY Pilsen St Patrick's Parade

3/3 13th Annual Chicago Chiditarod Shopping Cart Race and Food Drive

2/16 Performance at Cook County Correctional Facility Women's Chapel

2/13 Fat Tuesday at LiveWire Lounge

1/13 Taping for Steve Gadlin's Star Makers,CAN-TV

1/6 Memorial for Kevin Leon, Rock Island Public House, Blue Island IL

1/5 Windy City Rollers Derby Bout #5 - UIC Pavilion

2017 (76)(1209)

12/31 New Year's Eve at Acadia Restaurant

12/15 Ten Year Anniversary and Holiday Party for Edelson PC at Low Res

12/2 KrampusNactht Parade and Party at Co-Prosperity Sphere (and Maria's)

11/20 Live Performance and Interview on WPLN, Lumpen Radio, 105.5 FM

11/15 Return from France and Video Premiere Party, and Windex The Bean

11/4 Memorial Dance Party for Kathleen Duffy at Elastic Arts, Chicago

10/29 Tooty Fruity Fashion Funktacular w/ Romeo Dance Cheetah

10/9 Pont des Arts, Paris, with Les Villains Chicot et la TabataKash Fanfare

10/8 EE with Les Muse Tanguent at Bersy Park, Paris

10/7 EE in Paris on Le Dame du Canton with Break Ya Bones

10/5 EE in Lyon, Peaky Blinders Tavern

10/4 EE in Lyon, France at Les Cappucins

10/2 EE at Cafe de la Place, Octon, France

9/30 The "11e Concours International de Fanfares" (Competition Skit)

9/30 The "11e Concours International de Fanfares"(2nd Plaza)

9/30 The "11e Concours International de Fanfares" (1st Plaza)

9/29 The "11e Concours International de Fanfares" (Campground Show)

9/24 Shannon and Zach Dowty Wedding at Bottom Lounge

9/17 EE at Fifolet Cajun

9/8 Dill Pickle Co-op Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in Logan Square, Chicago

9/2 Memorial Second Line Funeral Procession, Mount Cavalry Cemetary, Kankakee IL

8/31 Lost Arts Art Show and Moving Party

8/27 Wizard World Comic Con, Rosemont Illinois

8/26 Burning Dan 44

8/26 Chicago Riverwalk: March of the Fish Procession

8/20 Glenwood Arts Festival

8/19 Division Street Burlesque Parade

8/18 Dance to France EE Fundraiser in Pilsen

8/12 MCA Day Beastie Boys Tribute, with She's Crafty, et all, at Lincoln Hall

8/12 Marion Court Block Party

8/5 Reggies Lolla After-Party with The Lettergirls and Ben Ezra Band

7/29 Bughouse Square Debates, Newberry Library

7/28 Phyllis' Musical Inn

7/26 ACTIVATE ALLEY - Benton Place Alley, ChicagoTheaterw

7/23 CRASH Detroit Day 2 in the Art Park

7/22 CRASH Detroit Bar Night

7/16 Chicago Rock-n-Roll 1/2 Marathon - Downtown Chicago

7/9 Taste of Chicago's Parade of Puppets Day Two

7/7 Taste of Chicago's Parade of Puppets Day One

7/4 Independance Day All-Star Jam - Phyllis' Musical Inn

6/23 Crawfish Boil at Fifolet Cajun

6/14 Elain's Birthday at Casa Blanca

6/3 Chicago Crew does Gumbo Ya Ya

6/11 HONK Eugene, YONK in Skinner Butte State Park

6/10 Honk in Eugene, YONK Day 1 at Vanilla Jill's

6/7 Evening Set at Stormy Mountain Brewery, Chelan, WA

6/7 Afternoon Tour Set at Lake Chelan Riverwalk Park

6/7 Daytime Seat at Wanatchee Public Market

6/5 Olympia Washington HONK at Rhythm and Rye, Midwest Beats on Cascadian Streets

6/4 HONK West in Columbia City (2- Super Six, Ferdinand Bikes)

6/3 HONK West All Band Review in Occidental Park, Parade, and Waterfront Park Set (3)

6/3 Chicago Crew does 606 Party

6/2 Georgetown Sets (2) - HONK West Seattle

6/1 Hale's Palladium for HONK Fest West Travelling Band Night

5/29 EE Garage Sale at Phyllis' Musical Inn

5/29 Fifolet Bar and Restaurant Crawfish Boil

5/21 Vaughn Occupational Academy School Fair

5/19 Tom LaPorte Memorial at Transamoeba

5/6 Higgin's Heroes Benefit Show - Blue Island Brewing Company

5/5 Cinco de Mayo - Casa Blanca Bar

4/29 Carnivale Delerium Steampunk Show - Reggie's

4/14 Bunny Hops and Pub Crawl, Phylis' Musical Inn, Rainbo Club, Inner Town Pub

4/2 EE at HONK Wrap Party at Oasis Brewing Co, Austin

4/2 HONK Texas in Pan Am Park, All Band Review

4/1 EE at Triangle Stage, Adams/Hemphill Park Honk TX

4/1 EE at East Arbor Stage, HONK Texas, Adams/Hemphill Park

3/31 EE at Mustang Ridge After-Party Show

3/31 HONK Texas on South Congress, Austin

3/30 Thursday night Brass Band Blitz V: pre-HONK Texas show

3/12 D.I.Y. Pilsen Saint Patrick's Day Parade

3/4 12th Annual Chiditarod Shopping Cart Race for Charity

2/24 Juanna Rumbel Roller Derby Tournament at UIC Pavilion

2/18 Memorial for EE member Sache Laurel Garrett

2/3 EE at Chop Shop/1st Ward with BBC, M.Funktastic and Blue Horse Blue

1/21 EE at Motel Bar

1/20 EE at Independence Tap with 4-Star Brass Band

2016 (100)(1133)

12/31 NYE at Acadia

12/4 NutKrampus Childrens' Matinee at Beat Kitchen's Concerts for Kids series

12/3 The NutKrampus at Lost Arts

12/2 The NutKrampus at Subterranean with The Polkaholics and DJ Illanoiz

11/12 Loft Party at 4410 Club - Photography Studio

10/29 Halloween Party - Metro: Freakeasy Mutants

10/22 Party at Lost Arts with Jefferson Street Parade Band

10/22 Chicago's 2nd annual "The Gathering" Halloween Parade

10/22 Riverwalk Parade #2 with Chicago Mask Makers

10/22 Riverwalk Parade #1 with Wofl Bait

10/15 EE plays at RUBULAD - NYC

10/15 EE in Thompkins Square Park for HONK NYC

10/14 EE at The Shrine in Harlem for HONK NYC

10/14 HONK Harlem Parade

10/14 EE at PS10 Public School for Educational Outreach

10/13 Swordraiser XI - Snowden Siberia Party at Gemini and Scorpio

10/13 EE Set and Parade at Maple Street School and Prospect Park

10/12 HONK! Night at DROM - Brooklyn

10/12 Staten Island Book Store Set

10/12 Staten Island Set and Parade at Snug Harbor Children's Museum

10/11 EE plays at Providence School for Educational Outreach

10/10 Under the Hurricane Barrier Set at PRONK

10/10 PRONK Parade

10/10 PRONK Busking Set

10/9 EE final HONK set at Art Farm after-party

10/9 EE plays at Davis Square Theater with Sepiatonic Dancers, Bridge the Gap show

10/9 EE plays at Harvard Square for HONK set and all-band review

10/9 HONK! Parade

10/8 EE plays in Seven Hills Park for HONK!

10/8 EE plays in Kenney Park, 3 PM, for HONK

10/7 EE, Yes Ma'am Brass Band and ENSMB at PA's lounge for HONK

10/6 pre-HONK with EE at Aeronaut Brewery and HONK bands

10/1 Bacon and Beer Classic - Soldier Field

9/9 Armitage Avenue Arts Fest at Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center

9/6 ForGoods Back to School March - The Nettlehorst School

8/20 Burning Dan 43

8/19 Grand Opening for Lost Arts Chicago

8/19 Peacebook in LaFollette Park with Collaboraction Theater

8/13 Piepenburg/Patton Wedding

7/30 Lollapalooza After-Party and Bus ride from Grant Park at Reggie's Music Joint with Rum Velvet

7/30 Bughouse Square Debates at Newberry Library

7/17 CRASH Hamtramck at BankSuey

7/16 CRASH Detroit Festival Day and After-Party at Tangent Galler

7/15 CRASH Detroit Crash Night

7/14 EE with The Party Band and Dead Music Capital Band at Phylis' Musical Inn

7/14 BAUM Realty 25th Anniversary at The Green Space

7/4 30th Annual Fourth of July All-Star Jam - Phylis' Musical Inn

7/2 Top of the Park Festival, Ann Arbor MI

7/1 Mosquito Fest, Chelsea MI

6/25 Smash the Quiet Tour, Humboldt Brews, Arcata CA

6/24 EE at Mount Shasta Veteran's Club, Mt. Shasta CA

6/21 YONK Festival, Honk bands in Eugene OR

6/20 Smash the Quiet Tour in Portland OR with CNMB and SambAmore

6/19 Leah Morgan Durett - Queens of HONK Tribute

6/19 HONK Fest West in Columbia City, Seattle

6/18 HONK Fest West in Gas Works Park (2)

6/18 Fremont Solstice Parade, Seattle WA

6/17 Honk Fest West in Capitol City, Seattle (2)

6/16 Brass Band Bonanza opening for HONK Fest West 2016

6/11 Gumbo Ya Ya Festival in Rock Island IL

6/8 Ray Graham Training Center High School Party at Reggies

5/28 Resonate XI at Concord Music Hall

5/27 Electric Moulin Mansion at Stan Mansion

5/21 Amie's Graduation at Whiting Lakefront Park, Whiting IN

5/15 EE at Vaughn Technical Academy

5/14 EE at Broadway Armory for Windy City Rollers Derby Tournament

5/8 Pittsburgh Childrens' Museum Mother's Day Parade and Performance

5/7 2 Sets at Pittonkatonk Brass Band Barbecue and Picnic, Pittsburgh

5/6 EE with DPMB and DPS in Akron OH at Hive Mind Gallery

4/29 EE at Township in Logan Square

4/16 EE at Independance Tap

4/14 Chicago Artist Coaliton 'Starving Artitst" event at Venue One

4/3 HONK Texas Wake/After-Party, Oasis Texas Brewing Company

4/3 HONK Texas All-Band Review: Panam Park

4/3 HONK Texas Parade

4/2 HONK Texas at Adam's Hemphill park (2 shows)

4/1 HONK Texas: EE at Jo's Coffee

3/31 HONK Texas Travelling Bands at Sidewinder

3/20 Chicago Housing Initiative Action at 2838 Clybourn

3/18 'After Dark' party in the Modern Wing, Art Institute of Chicago

3/5 Chiditarod 11: Chicago's Urban Shopping Cart Race for Charity

2/27 Birthday party at Casa Blanca for Mike T.

2/27 Funeral for Michael C. in Homewood, IL

2/12 Surprise Birthday Party in Gold Coast

2/9 Fat Tuesday at Martyrs'

2/5 Welcome home from OZ: Phylis' Musical Inn

1/22 Sketchbook Show with Collaboraction at Chopin Theatre

1/17 EE on The Green Train - Illwarra Folk Fest

1/16 EE at Illawarra Folk Fest - Grandstand Restaurant Stage

1/15 EE at Illawarra Folk Fest - Global Green Stage

1/14 EE at Illawarra Folk Fest - Global Green Stage

1/10 HONK On - Austinmer Beach, Wollongong AU

1/10 HONK OZ

1/9 HONK Oz Band Showcase

1/9 Illawarra Jazz Club, Corrimal NSW, Australia

1/9 HONK OZ Street Parade - IPAC


1/7 HONK OZ - Opening Ceremony - Wollongong AU

1/2 EE Show at Independence Tap

2015 (93)(1033)

12/31 NYE Acadia #5 - 1920's

11/20 Juanna Rumble Cup Roller Derby Tournament at UIC Pavillion

10/31 Freak Easy Halloween at Metro Chicago

10/27 EE at Phyllis' Musical Inn

10/24 EE marches at The Gathering - Columbus Drive, Chicago

10/20 EE @ Lagunitas Brewery for Working Bikes 15th Anniversary Party

10/17 HONK NYC! presents the 2nd annual Brasstasstic Blow Out


10/16 EE with Hungry March Band at Big Sky Works, Brooklyn

10/16 EE at Staten Island Charter School for HONK-NYC

10/15 HONK at WFMU, Jersey City, NJ, for HONK NYC Live~!

10/15 EE parade and presentation at Maple Street School, Brooklyn

10/14 EE at ONE PENN PLAZA in Manhattan for HONK-NYC

10/12 PRONK night set at India Point Park Ampitheater

10/12 PRONK Parade through downtown Providence, RI

10/12 PRONK Opening Set at 'The People's Park"

10/11 EE at HONK After-Party in East Cambridge

10/11 HONK All-Band Review, Main Stage, Harvard Square Oktoberfest

10/11 EE Oktoberfest Set at Jimmy's Bar, Harvard Square

10/11 HONK Parade: Reclaim the Streets with Horns, Bikes, and Feet

10/10 HONK Opening Day Pt. 2, EE at Kendrick Park

10/10 HONK Opening Day - EE at Seven Hills Park, Somerville MA

10/9 EE at MIT for Freaky Frolic Friday and HONK's Day of Action

10/8 EE at Aeronaut Brewery for HONK Travelling Band Night

10/8 EE at Kendall Square, MA, for Fête de la Méduse

10/2 The Devil's Ball at The Chicago Audirorium Theater

9/26 Mr. Fluxus show at Hairpin Arts Center, Avondale

9/25 Department of Transportation Conference, Sheraton Chicago Hotel

9/19 Perrin Brewery Anniversary, Comstock MI with Faux Grass + Gabriel Brass Band

9/13 EE at Dill Pickle Block Party - Comfort Station

9/6 Motor City Craft Beer and Wine Festival

9/5 EE at Phyllis' Musical Inn

8/23 Duschettes Street Pub Party, Logan Square

8/15 EE at Gallery in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro

8/14 EE with MamBembe Blocco, Lapa, Rio de Janeiro

8/9 HONK Rio Parade at Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro

8/8 Marion Court Black Party - Chicago Crew

8/8 EE plays HONK Rio at Corvello, Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro

8/8 EE with Rim Bam Bum at city of Niterio, Rio de Janeiro state

8/7 HONK Rio at Bola Preta, Lapa, Rio de Janeiro

8/7 TV spot for Honk Rio, RJTV, Rio de Janeiro

8/6 HONK Rio opening night at Praça XV - Centro, Rio de Janeiro

8/4 TV spot for Hallween Parade at Art Institute

7/31 Lollapalooza After-Party and Bus rides with EE at Reggies

7/30 EE at Grand Bar with Four Star Brass Band

7/25 Summer Swelter at Horse Thief Hollow Brewing

7/25 Bughouse Square Debates at Newberry Library

7/18 CRASH Detroit all-band review at Roosevelt Park

7/17 After-Party set at Crash - Detroit - TIRES

7/17 CRASH-Detroit Crash night - multiple locations

7/16 Pre-Crash party at Phyllis' Musical Inn - Chicago

7/11 Birch's Surprise Birthday Party

7-5 Pirate Pajama Party - Kid's Show Matinee - Chopin Theatre

7-4 Pirate Pajama Party - Chopin Theatre

7-3 Pirate Pajama Party - Chopin Theatre

6-28 Brick and Mortar with East Bay Brass, Junkadelic, EE, SambAmore - SF, CA

6-28 Baby Shower in Delores Park, San Francisco

6-27 EE, Hazy Loper, Richard Lorringer, Readmore Books, The Lost Door, SF, CA

6-26 Honk Tour at Humboldt Brews, Arcata CA

6/25 YONK, Eugene OR

6/24 Star Theater, Portland OR

6/23 WWWW Radio in Anacortes

6/23 Anacortes, WA - Anacortes Music Channel

6/22 Whidbey Island, Greenbank Farm

6/21 All Band HONK Review, Seattle Center

6/21 Smash Putt HONK Event, Seattle

6/20 Sundial Hill Set at HONK FEST WEST: Gas Works Park, Seattle

6/20 Fremont Solstice Parade with the Green Hat Crew

6/19 HONK FEST WEST Opening: Georgetown: EE at The Mix

6/18 Revenge of the Band Nerds: HONK WEST out of town bands

6/13 Gumbo Ya Ya Main Stage and Roaming Musical Encroachments

6/12 Gumbo Ya Ya Festival, Rock Island, Illinois

6/6 Grinnell College Summerfest with Pyrotechniq, Grinnell Iowa

5/31 Cabaret Church Innaugural Event, McHenry IL

5/30 Yahn and Missy Wedding Reception, Jupiter Outpost, Chicago

5/3 Catalpa Grove Dedication for Alexandria Orba at Lincoln Park Boat House

5/2 Resonate X at Cabaret Metro and Smart Bar

4/22 Earth Day Celebration for St. Alphonsus Academy of the Arts

3/30 Honk TX All-Band Review - Pan Am Park

3/30 Honk TX Parade

3/29 HONK TX 'hill-top' Set

3/29 Spider House Parking Lot, HONK TX

3/28 Jo's Coffee and Food Truck Lot, HONK TX

3/27 Red 7 HONK Tx Travelling Band Showcase

3/22 Concert for Kids Seriew, Beat Kitchen

3/21 City of Chicago's Juicebox Series, Garfield Park Conservatory

3/20 City of Chicago's Juicebox Series, Preston Bradley Hall, Chicago Cultural Center

3/7 Chiditarod X

2/17 mini-EE at Mayoral Candidate Forum at Mount Carmel Church

2/13 EE with Weird Bananas, The Cell Phones and Die Death Die at SFR Bar

2/7 3 bands at Martyrs' with New Constellations and Dos Santos: Anit-Beat Orquesta

1/10 EE at Working Bike's Co-op Holiday Party

1/7-10 EE at HONK OZ Festival: Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

2014 (85)(940)

12/31 NYE Acadia

12/5 Krampus Party and EE EP Release at Moe's

11/23 Concert for Kids Series at Beat Kitchen

11/7 Glassblower's Ball - IGNITE Studios SOFA after-party

11/1 Dead Celbrities Ball at Metro - Freakeasy Presents:

10/31 North Halsted Halloween Parade - Freak Show

10/18 HONK-NYC Closing Party at RUBULAD - Brooklyn

10/18 Full Set at Tompkins Square Park - Cavalcade of Pomp

10/18 Cavalcade of Pomp - HONK-NYC East Village Garden Parade

10/17 EE at Gowanus Ballroom for HONK NYC

10/17 EE at Staten Island Charter School

10/17 Staten Island Ferry Set

10/16 WFMU's Monty Hall Opening and Live recordings for HONK NYC

10/16 EE at Maple Street School and Parade in Prospect Park

10/15 HONK-NYC Opening Parade to Littlefield's

10/13 Performance and Engagement at Rhode Island School of Design

10/13 PRONK Festival Parade

10/13 EE at India Point Park for PRONK pre-parade

10/12 EE at Cambridge Oktoberfest, Harvard Square

10/12 Parade to Reclaim the Streets.... HONK Festival

10/11 EE set at George Dilboy VFW Hall

10/11 EE Set at Statue Park, Davis Square

10/ 10 Freaky Frolic at MIT Campus with MIT Jugglers and Fossil Free MIT

10/9 EE at Union Square Park for HONK travelling band opening

9/25 EE with Black Bear Combo at Mayne Stage

9/19 The ArcView Party - Vertigo Sky Lounge

9/14 Rob and Rachelle's Wedding - Tall Ship Windy

9/13 Wedding for Sara and Savvi

9/7 Dill Pickle Co-op Block Party at Comfort Station

8/30 Pyllis' Musical Inn ~ EE with Orkestar Zirkonium

8/30 Re-Mix Festival with Orkestar Zirkonium

8/28 EE with 4-Star Brass Band at Moe's Bar

8/16 Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest - AZ's b-day

8/9 Marion Court Block Party

7/26 March and Performance for Dill Pickle Club, Museum of Contemporary Art

7/26 Bughouse Square Debates at Newberry Library

7/25 EE in Pritzker Park, South State Street Series

7/19 CRASH Detroit, Roosevelt Park all-band review

7/18 CRASH Detroit, Corkville Crash

7/17 EE with Minor Mishap Marching Band, Martyrs'

6/24 LS's cat Raven's Wake - Wallingford, Seattle

6/22 HONK West Wrap Party at Studio 7, Seattle

6/22 EE at Seattle's Waterfront Park, HONK All-band Review

6/21 EE at Hale's Palladium for HONK West

6/21 EE on Sundial Hill, Gas Works Park, Seattle

6/21 EE on Captain Adrian's Barge, Lake Union, Seattle

6/21 Fremont Summer Solstice Parade, HONK West

6/21 Fremont Fair Waterfront Stage, HONK West

6/20 EE at The Mix, Georgetown, Seattle, HONK West

6/20 EE on the Georgetown Overpass, HONK West Opening

6/19 "Revenge of the Band Nerds" HONK benefit - Nectar Lounge, Seattle

6-14 Six Corners BBQ Fest - Main Stage

6-7 Rock Island's Gumbo Ya Ya -

6-6 Rock Island's Gumbo Ya Ya Festival - Marching

6-5 Escape Pod's Office Party - West Loop

6-1 Do Division Kid's Stage and Gangway Gallery performance

5-25 Sean and Chistina's Wedding at Copernicus Center with dj Jess-I

5-17 RESONATE 9.0 at Concord Music Hall

5-16 EE with 4-Star Brass Band at Sav-Mor Lounge

5-12 William S. Smith's Wake

5-10 Fulton Arts Collective Open House Party

5-3 Chicago Peace Fest

4-26 Chicago Pipe Band tour fundraiser at St. Ignacious Church

4-19 Easter Eve'n Stations of the Carrot 2

3-28 Abbey Pub: Chi-Town Hot Shots, Stardust Big Band, BS Brass Band and EE

3-23 HONK Texas Jazz Funeral at Volsted Lounge

3-23 EE at the HONK Texas Band Review with Dead City Capitol Band

3-23 HONK Texas Parade

3-22 HONK Texas - Children's Stage Finale, Adams Hemp-hill Park

3-22 HONK Texas, Adams Hemp-hill Park

3-21 HONK Texas Kick-Off: EE at Jo's Coffee

3-20 Brass Band Blitz - HONK TX Travelling Band Show at Red 7, Austin, Texas

3-15 Installation Ceremony in Evanston for Bret

3-15 Chicago Saint Patrick's Day Parade, EE number 114

3-4 Mardi Gras at Tonic Room

3-1 (2) Lauch Party AND Chiditarod 9 Awards Ceremony at Dolphin

2-27 Collaboraction Theater's "Not a Cure for Cancer" opening night

2-15 Lupercalia 10

2-15 Victoria's Surprise Birthday Party, Southside

2-7 EE with Phillip Morris, Agents of Change and The Coup at Reggies

2-1 Dill Pickle Revival at Collaboraction Theater presented by Pocket Guide to Hell as part of the Second Floor Rear Festival

2-1 Opening Parade for Second Floor Rear Festival - Comfort Station - noon

1/11 Sousaphenia 3 at Martyrs

1/11 Navy Pier's Winter Wonderland Fest for GoGo Squeeze

1/4 Art Opening for Penny Thrasher at Moe's Tavern

2013 (71)(855)

12/31 New Year's Eve at Acadia with Lords and Ladies, Can-can night

12/21 EE with Pietasters and Big D, Ska night at Reggies

12/7 Private Holiday Party

12/6/13 Co-op Image's Holiday Party and Crafts Sale at Ignite Glass Studios

11/23 Working Bikes Cooperative Holiday Members Party

11/22 St. Alphonsus Academy and Center for the Arts

11/8 EE with Four Star Brass Band at Abbey Pub

11/2 Carrera de los Muertos, Race of the Dead for UNO Charter Schools, Pilsen, Chicago

11/1 Glassblower's Ball, IGNITE Glass Studio SOFA after-party

10/31 Chicago North Halsted Halloween Parade

10/19 KIDS HONK! at Children's Museum of the Arts, Manhattan, NYC

10/18 HONK NYC Closing Party at Gowanus Ballroom

10/18 'F' Train - HONK NYC Musicians Party Train Jam

10/18 Freak Show Museum, Coney Island, NYC

10/17 Outdoor Performance in Thompkins Park, Staten Island, NYC

10/17 2 Shows for Staten Island Charter School, K-8, NYC

10/17 3rd Annual Staten Island Ferry Jam

10/16 HONK NYC performances at D.R.O.M., NYC

10/16 2nd Annual East Village Cavalcade of Pomp, NYC

10/15 HONK NYC Opening Night pre-show Parade with Oh Sidearis

10/14 Hot Club Ampitheather performance, Providence, RI

10/14 PRONK - Parade down Wickendon Street, Providence, RI

10/13 All HONK Band Review and March - Main Stage - Harvard Square

10/13 Harvard Square Oktoberfest, Piper's Alley

10/13 HONK Parade from Davis to Harvard Squares - "Reclaim the Streets for Horns, Bikes and Feet"

10/12 HONK in Davis Square, EE at Dilboy VFW Hall

10/12 HONK in Davis Square, EE at Statue Park

10/11 M.I.T. Jugglers group and MITERS at M.I.T. Campus

10/10 pre-HONK Band performances in Union Square


9/14 RIOT FEST (Saturday Rebel Stage)

913 RIOT FEST Click here for info and press reports for RIOT Fest 2013

8/27 Hats Off to Home Brewers Event at Horse Thief Hollow Saloon, Beverly

8/4 Chicago Flea Market in Pritzker School Lot, Wicker Park

8/2 EE with Candytown at Reggies Lolla after-party

7/27 Bughouse Square Debates at Newberry Library

7/18 Thursday Night Brass at Sav More Lounge with 4-Star Brass Band

7/15 Kids Fest at West Fest, Benefit for Suzuki-Orff Schools

6/23 HONK Fest West Rap-up party at Columbia City Theater

6/23 HONK All-Band Review at the Seattle Art Museum

6/22 EE on a Tug Boat, Union Lake, Gas Works Park after Flotilla

6/22 HONK performance on hill at Gas Works Park

6/22 Fremont Summer Solstice Parade

6/21 HONK Fest West Georgetown Romp, EE at The Mix

6/20 HONK Fund-raiser at Nectar Lounge, Seattle

6/8 World Naked Bike Ride

6/7 Collarboraction Sketchbook First Friday Flat Iron Opening

6/2 Rob Soller's Gangway Gallery Closing Party

6/2 Do Division Family Fun Fest

5/30 Benefit for Chicago Rehabilitation Institute and ArtFutura

5/11 Glass and Brass at Ignite Studios with 4 brass bands

5/10 EE with Detroit Party Marching Band at Martyrs'

4/20 Resonate 8 - Year of the Snake - at Cabaret Metro

4/19 Colin's proposal to Maya at Six Corners

4/13 Chicago Pipe Band Fundraiser, St. Cornelius Church

3/31 Easter Eve'n at Reggies with Wild Jesus and Drastics

3/24 HONK TX Pan-Am Park Amphitheater All-Band Review

3/24 HONK TX Parade!

3/23 HONK TX in Adams/Hemphill Park Grove

3/23 HONK TX - noon at Spiderhouse Lot

3/22 HONK TX on South Congress - 'Trailer Park'

3/21 RED-7 - Austin TX - HONK TX Travelling Band Party

3/16 City of Chicago St. Patrick's Day Parade with C2E2

3/15 Rouge Steampunk Cabaret : Viktor Hotel

3/2 Bottom Lounge Chiditarod Awards Ceremony

3/2 Chiditarod 8 - Urban Charity Shopping Cart Race - LAUNCH

2/14 One Billion Rising Dance Party at ECO loft

2/11/13 Lundi Gras party with EE and BS Brass at Martyrs'

1/11/13 Sousaphenia 2 : Showcase of Chicago Brass Bands

1/11/13 Sousaphenia For Kids: all-ages kids show at Martyrs

2012 (81)(784)

12/31/12 New Years Eve at Acadia

12/21/12 FIn du Monde at Catalyst

12/12/12 After-Schulz Festival at Chopin Theater for Polish Consulate of Chicago

12/1/12 Co-op Image's Holiday Party at Ignite Glass Studios

11/23/12 Peace Fest Harvest Festival at Portage Theater

11/16/12 DIWALI Event at Alphonsus Academy & Center for the Arts

11/16/12 ANTHEM bar 1 year anniversary

11/3/12 UNO Charter School's Race of the Dead

11/2/12 Glass Studios party

10/31/12 Chicago Halsted Street Halloween Parade/L&L

10/26/12 Halloween Critical Mass

10/19/12 Carnivale Delerium 3 , Steampunk Chicago

10/13/12 Party at Ukrainian National Home with Sarah Alden

10/12/12 HONK NYC at Gemini and Scorpio loft

10/12/12 Staten Island Charter School, grades K-3

10/12/12 EE plays on the Staten Island Ferry

10/11/12 HONK NYC Parade and Shows at Jalopy

10/10/12 East Village Cavalcade of Pomp

10/9/12 NYC HONK Opening Party, The Paper Box

10/8/12 PRONK evening performance at India Point Park

10/8/12 Providence PRONK Parade

10/7/12 Sanders Theater, Harvard University

10/7/12 Harvard Square Oktoberfest, Piper's Alley

10/7/12 HONK Parade, Davis Square to Harvard Square

10/6/12 EE in Davis Square Plaza

10/6/12 EE at Statue Park, Davis Square

10/5/12 EE at JIVE after-party, Boston

10/5/12 HONK Lantern Parade, Somerville

10/5/12 EE at Tuft's Physics Department for Teppei's lecture

10/4/12 pre-HONK performance in Union Park, Somerville

9/28/12 Mayne Stage, Rogers Park, Chicago

9/23/12 EE at Navy Pier's Family Pavilion

9/22/12 Sacred Garage Sale

9/22/12 EE at Navy Pier's Family Pavilion

9/17/12 Video Shoot for DSR (AE)

9/16/12 RIOT FEST CHICAGO (2-3 shows)

9/15/12 RIOT FEST Carnival Chicago (2-3 shows)

9/8/12 EE at Navy Pier's Family Pavilion

9/7/12 Cobra Lounge party for Brendan, Wild Jesus, Yeti vs. Yeti, Dynoride and EE

8/25/12 Burning Dan 5

8/18 EE at Jennefa K's birthday party with The Warmbloods

8/18 Glenwood Avenue Arts Festival

8/3/12 Lollapalooza and Bike Messenger Championships, Reggies with DFM

8/2/12 SkyDive Chicago Record Breaking jump conference

7/27/12 End of an Era Party with Chicago Aissawa

7/27/12 Jam at the Critical Mass Underwear ride

7/24/12 Stand Up! Chicago Raise the Wage march, Chicago Loop

7/22/12 Chicago premiere of The Hooping Life, at Catalyst

7/1/12 Electric Forest March and Final Farewell Parade

6/30/12 Einstein's Moments Performance with Collaboraction and Pool performance

6/30/12 Dome of Doom, Saturday at Noon, with Collaboraction

6/29/12 EF: Evening March, Ferris Wheel and Gate

6/29/12 EF: Forest Stage with wedding proposal

6/28/12 Electric Forest Festival Opening Gate Performance

6/22/12 "Surprise" Encroachment at JBTV studios

6/22/12 Mural Presentation at Addison and Avondale

6/17/12 Climate Cycle Chicago Schools Fundraiser Bike Event

6/16/12 Memorial March for Lisa X

6/3/12 HONK at Seattle Center and Experience Music Project

6/2/12 HONK Bands at Hale's Palladium

6/2/12 HONK Bands at Gas Works Park, Seattle

6/1/12 EE late night at THE MIX for HONK

6/1/12 HONK Bands perform at Georgetown: Procession and overpass

5/31/12 The Crocodile: HONK FEST WEST pre-party

5/23/12 Stand Up! Chicago, Thompson Center

5/19/12 Mash Tun Craft Beer Festival - Bridgeport

5/18/12 Bunny XII CD release party - Martyr's

5/12/12 Fulton Arts Open Studios Party

4/28/12 Resonate 7.0 Year of Dragon, at Metro/Smart Bar

4/18/12 Benefit for Haitian art group, Jakmel Ekspresyon, at Martyr's

4/13/12 Nerd City ComiConn C2E2 After-party, Reggie's

3/31/12 Chicago Pipe Band Fundraiser at Irish American Heritage Center

3/25/12 HONK Parade and Review, Republic Square Park, Austin

3/24/12 HONK in Hyde Park, Austin

3/23/12 Hotel Vegas, Austin

3/22/12 Gypsy's in Austin for HONK pre-party

3/3/12 Chiditarod 7

2/18-20/12 EE'ers at SOURCE Maui

2/4/12 Glitter Guts 4 Year Anniversary at Metro

1/27/12 Root Down Steam Easy

1/13/12 Sousaphenia Brass Band Fest at Martyrs'

2011 (77)(703)

12/31 Acadia Restaurant Grand Opening

12/31 Berghoff Restaurant Family New Year Event

12/27 w/ Dead Man's Carnival, Lords and Ladies at Reggies

12/18 Orphanage Winter Solstice Party

cwhc benefit11/10 Chicago Women's Health Center Awards Ceremony

10/31 Chicago Halloween Parade - Halsted Street

monkey paw massacre, 2011, metro, chicago10/29 Monkey Paw Massacre - Metro Halloween Freakeasy

10/29 Race for The Dead, Chicago Charter Schools

10/21 2030 Art Show and Dance Party

10/15 Fulton Arts Collective Party

10/5 BONK!: EE, HMB, TS and Raya at Galapagos, NYC

10/5 Occupy Wall Street Parade and March, NYC

10/3 Night performance at Hot Club's bar, Providence RI

10/3 PRONK parade down Wickenden Street

10/3 India Point Park for PRONK

10/2 HONK on the Water, bands on Provincetown 2 Cruise

10/2 EE in Harvard Square for Oktoberfest

10/2 HONK Parade: with bands and community groups from Davis Square to Harvard Square to Reclaim the Streets for Horns, Bikes and Feet

10/1 Dilboy Hall steps in the rain, HONK!

10/1 Statue Park, Davis Square, Somerville MA, HONK

9/29 Oberon in Cambridge with Emperor Norton's and Dirty Water Brass Band

9/24 Surprise Birthday Party in Logan Square

9/23 HONK send-off party in Wicker Park

burning man 20118/29-9/5 EE with Fire Enclave All-Star Marching Band at Burning Man Festival, including Lundi and Mardis Gras, Speakeasy, Lost Penguin, Center Camp, Billion Bunny March, Battle of the Marching Bands, Trojan Horse re-enactment, Fire Concave Burn Night!, and the Jazz Funeral for the Man for a start.

glenwood arts festival parade8/21 Glenwood Avenue Arts Festival (GAAF)

8/20 Oak Park Microbrewery Festival

8/6 Pre-Komp Parking Lot

8/6 Lollapalooza After-party at Reggies

7/30 BugHouse Square Debates, Newberry Library

geodesic dome of dance battles doom , ee
                        band7/29 Dome of Doom in Polish Triangle Park

7/27 SkyDive Chicago Party in Ottowa, IL

7/25 Opening Ceremony for Kinzie Bike Trail

7/9 KIDS Fest, at West Fest, Chicago

millenium park pritzker pavillion
                        performance juggler band6/29 Chicago Brass Showcase: Pritzker Pavilion Stage

chicaog peace festival 20116/18 Chicago Peace and Music Festival, Lincoln Park

6/17 Haymarket Brew Pub Set

6/17 Taste of Randolph Festival

6/14 Guerilla Art Truck Show - Fulton Market

6/11 Chicago Rib fest after-party at Sav-Mor Liquors

bootsy collins encroachment congress 6/10 Bootsy Collins Show Encroachment

6/8 Stone Scholastic Magnet Academy Party

6/4 Dovetail Anniversary at Beauty Bar

5/27 Field Museum Members' Night 2 with Sue!

sue trex trombone party5/26 Field Museum Members' Night

5/22 Climate Cycle Event

5/21 Fulton Art Walk

5/21 Carlos and Sauming's wedding: Cafe Iberico

honk west, seattle, shirtless trombones5/15 HONK West: Sky Church - Experience Music Project

5/14 HONK West: Hale's Palladium

5/14 HONK West: EE at Gas Works Park

5/13 HONK West: EE Set at The Mix

5/13 HONK West: Georgetown Under Viaduct

                      garage sale5/7 EE Sacred Garage Sale and birthday parties

pharoahs show at Oriental Institute, Chicago5/2 Feast of the Pharaohs: Oriental Institute

haymarket re-enactment, chicago 20114/30 Haymarket Reenactment, 125th Anniversary, Chicago

*TaoShawn's march

*D.Marine's grandma's 100th birthday

mc spark plug w ee at reggies, chicago4/22 Reggies with Deuce Funk Mob, MC Sparkplug

3/19 Resonate 6.0 at Smart Bar/Metro

3/19 Carnival at Double Door with Collaboraction

3/13 HONK Texas: Pan Am Park show and Burner's Barbecue

3/13 HONK Texas: HONK Parade through downtown Austin

3/12 HONK Texas: Waterloo Cycles

3/12 HONK Texas: Spiderhouse, Austin

Honk Texas SXSW Austin Trombones marching
                        band3/11 HONK Texas: East-side Drive-In Shows

3/8 EE Fat Tuesday Mardis Gras at Sacred Garage

3/6 1915 Unemployment Parade re-enactment

battle of halsted trombone3/5 Chiditarod 2011~!

3/3 Protest at Wisconsin State Capitol

*Jaden Vonesh's Ceremony.....

2/19 EE participation at Source Maui

2/12 EE with The Amoreys at Heartland Cafe

1/15 EE with Golem at Martyr's Global Groove show

2010 (59)(626)

12/31 New Year's Eve at Catalyst, Solar Maximum

12/10 EE and Black Bear Combo at Viaduct Theater

12/5 EE at Lincoln Hall with the 'Spatalites' for CBGB

12/4 Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Fest at Congress Theater

11/27 Funerary procession and event at Oak Woods Cemetery

11/27 Freakeasy 2nd Anniversary at Metro with Lady Miss Kia

11/6 Chicago Burning Man Decompression Party

10/31 Chicago's North Halsted Street Halloween Parade

10/30 Subterranean Halloween Zombie Bunny Party

10/23 Gina's "Land of Oz" Party

10/22 Clockwork Vaudeville Carnival Delirium

10/17 Swing House: Brooklyn Lyceum

10/11 Hot Club PRONK Party, Providence RI

10/11 PRONK Parade down Wittengen, Providence RI

10/11 Seven Hills Park, Providence RI

10/10 Somerville Theater HONK Blow-Out

10/10 Harvard Square Oktoberfest Celebration

10/10 HONK Parade, Somerville MA

10/9 Davis Square Plaza, Somerville MA

10/9 Statue Park, Davis Square, Somerville MA

10/8 Zoomix Cultural Center Parade, East Boston

10/1 Fashion Mash Street Show, Double Door, Six Corners

9/24 EE retrospective, parade, and Flat Iron party

9/18 Wedding at Glessner House

9/12 Renegade Craft Fair

9/11 Working Bikes 11th Anniversary Party

9/4 Wedding at Rookery Building

8/22 Unity Park Dome of Doom parade and performance

8/12 Chopin Theater with Black Bear Combo!

7/24 Land Of NOD Experiment Parade

7/24 Land of NOD Festival, Michigan, Main Stage

7/17 Ascendance - Brilliantly Mad 12 year Anniversary

6/20 Taste of Randolph Festival Main Stage

6/19 Dome of Doom with Collaboraction Theater

6/19 Chicago Peace Festival

6/18 Taste of Randolph Festival Day 1

6/18 Mayor Daley's Bike to Work Party, Daley Plaza

6/12 Collaboraction Theater's Sketchbook Opening Night

6/9 Stone Magnet Academy Summer Graduation Party

6/2 Garage Mahal, Black Bear Combo, and EE at Reggies Rock Club

5/28 Mike Smith's Surprise Birthday Party!

5/14 Climate Cycle's Solar School Ride Event

5/2 Battle of Halsted Viaduct Historical Re-enactment

4/24 Resonate 5.0: Chicago Burning Man Party

4/21 EE at Simone's for Kelly High School Benefit

4/17 Collaboraction Theater Carnival Party with Dome of Doom

4/11 West Seattle Farmers Market (2 shows), HONK Fest West, Seattle

4/10 Seattle Drum School Live Recording for HONK Fest West

4/10 Georgetown Music Store, Seattle HONK Fest West

4/10 The Mix, Dead Baby Bike Club Bar, Georgetown, Seattle HONK Fest

4/10 Bailey School, Central District, Seattle, HONK Fest West!

4/10 Playground show, Yessler Community Center, Central District, Seattle HONK FEST WEST

4/9 Fremont Seattle HONK Fest West Show

3/21 Lamprey's Saint Pat's alternative Parade with The Rat Patrol

3/6 Tooth Fairy Benefit for Charly Barbera with Chicago Aissawa, Crystal Gravy, Africaribe, more

3/6 Chiditarod Awards Ceremony at Bottom Lounge

3/6 Chiditarod Opening Ceremony

2/25 Automatic Loft party with Electric Medicine

2/18 Reggies for Thursday Gras with Amoreys and Banjo Al Scorch

1/30 Drum Face Fun-Raiser with Chicago Aissawa, Kaben Kafo, TokTok, The Exponential, Phaidra and more!

2 009 (74)(567)

12/30 Catalyst New Years Eve Party

12/12 Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Festival at the Congress Theater with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

rehab chicago institute party 200911/28 Chicago Rehabilitation Center

11/21 Birthday party at Cooking Fools

                      pickle benefit concert11/20 Quenchers benefit for Dill Pickle Food Coop

archeworks party 200911/06 Benefit for Archeworks

Chicago Halloween parade 200910/31 Chicago Halloween Parade

10/31 Wicker Park Halloween Crawl

10/17 New York City Decompression

                      dont destroy brooklyn10/17 Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn Parade

                      parade 200910/16 Rubulad Party in Brooklyn

10/16 LuLu's Brassacre with NYC HONK bands

Dreamtime NYC honk parade 200910/16 City of Dreams Artists' Bus Parade

10/15 Santos Party House for MONK, Honk takes Manhattan

10/13 Vassar College Jazz night at The Mugg

10/12 Music and Fire spinning set at Hot Tropic

pronk providence10/12 PRONK show at India Point Park

10/11 HONK Bands Blowout at Somerville Theater

10/11 4PM Set in Parkers Alley, Harvard Square Oktoberfest

                      parade 200910/11 HONK Parade, Davis Square to Cambridge Square

10/10 6 PM Dilboy Hall Set

                      parade 200910/10 3 PM Davis Square (Statue Park) show

burners without borders benefit10/9 Food Not Bombs Boston Benefit in Boston Commons Park for opening of HONK festival with RMO

10/2 SOS Children's Hospital Benefit at Westin Hotel

10/1 WNUR 89.3 FM, Live on Media Geek Airplay radio show

                      fest marching band9/26 Lotus World Music Festival, Bloomington IN

beer expo
                      marching band9/14 Milwaukee Beer Expo with Magic Hat

burning man ee magic circus band8/30-9/6 Burning Man Evolution 2009!, Honk BRC, Center Camp Circus Night, Hippocampus Cafe, Media Mecca Party, The Billion Bunny March, Battle of the Marching Bands, Burn night, and too many gigs to even remember!honk parade 2009

8/13 Museum of Science and Industry for MIA main event

8/8 Dos Equis Most Interesting Academy Flash

8/7 Dox Equis Most Interesting Academy Flash

                      interesting academy marching band8/6 Dox Equis Most Interesting Academy Flash

7/25 EE Burning Circus Garage Sale

pride panties6/29 Chicago PRIDE Parade with Magic Hat Brewing Company

6/20 Closing of Peter Jones Gallery, final party

6/20 Chicago Peace Fest

chicago bike to work6/19 Chicago Bike to Work Rally, Daley Plaza

6/14 EE with Hypermodal and Thrift Store at The Orphanage

stone academy party band6/10 Stone Magnet Scholastic Academy

beer expo
                      chicago6/8 Mirrorball Event for Dos Equis at Beer Expo

5/29 Phyllis's Musical Inn for Gemini Birthday Bash

chicago waldorf5/16 Chicago Waldorf School May Fair - Live Cake Walk!

5/9 Buddha's Birthday Peace and Happiness Parade

5/2 Carnival party in Bridgeport

5/2 Chicago Art Parade, West Loop Chicago

5/1 D's grandma's 95th birthday party at Puerto Rican Cultural Center, Humboldt Park

burners without borders benefit4/24 Burners without Border's presents an evening of recording at Loyola chapel

4/12 HONK Fest West: The Vera Project Space (six bands)

4/11 HONK Fest West: The Stables,

                      west band4/11 HONK Fest West: Georgetown Smarty Pants gig

austin anime fest4/11 EE encroaches on the anime festival, downtown Seattle

4/10 HONK Fest West: Ballard, Conner O'Byrnes Pub

4/10 HONK Fest West: Sunset Tavern

resonate 4 band chicago4/4 Resonate Chicago Burning Man Party

4/3 Rumble Arts Bike Trailer fundraiser

phylis's musical inn3/27 Phyllis's Musical Inn Chicago Critical Mass After-party

south by southwest marching band3/22 21st Marching Band Extravaganza with Minor Mishap Marching Band and Austin Samba School, South By Southwest Festival, Austin

3/21 EE Chicago crew plays Kinetic Playground

3/21 Carousel Lounge at Bee vs. Moth Day Show, South By Southwest Festival, Austin

3/20 21st Street Co-op Day Show, South By Southwest Festival, Austin

st. pats
                      artist parade band3/15 St. Pats Pilsen Lamprey Parade

3/14 Luca Olson Benefit, MARS Gallery

chiditarod shopping cart race chicago3/7 CHIDITAROD 4: Chicago's Absurd Shopping Cart Race and Food Drive

2/27-29 EE at SOURCE: Maui with Transformational Marching Band

carnival party2/27 Bike Winter Carnival: Flat Iron Building

2/20 Rumble Arts Center

2/8 City of Chicago's Frozen Fun Fest

frozen fun fest marching band2/7 City of Chicago's Frozen Fun Fest

1/20 Inauguration Night at Phyllis's

1/15 EE with Bee vs. Moth and Mystery Palace at Ronnie's Jazz Club.

                      circus party

2008 (67)(493)


puppet bike 5
                      year anniversary party chicago peter jones
                      gallery12/31 New Years Eve at Phyllis Musical Inn

12/19 Sexy Circus - Emerald Palace with Carla Starla, Dave Zim and Brilliantly Mad

12/13 Alyce Henson's Birthday Party

12/12 Encroachment at Smart Art Opening in Flat Iron Building, Wicker Park, Chicago

12/6 Private Birthday Party

12/6 Waldorf School Winter Fair

11/28 Phyllis' Musical Inn

11/22 Impromptu Balcony appearances at Chicago Blue Grass and Blues Fest, Congress Theater

11/7 Death of the Old Regime, Funeral March, Flat Iron Building, Chicago

10/31 Halloween Parade, Hasted and Belmont, Chicago

10/24 CD Release Party at Phyllis' Musical Inn

puppet bike 5 year anniversary party chicago
                      peter jones gallery10/19 Gallery in Bloomsburg, PA

puppet bike 5 year anniversary party chicago
                      peter jones gallery10/18 Rubulad, Brooklyn, NYC

10/17 HMB's Global Brass Explosion with Hungry March Band, Titubanda, Veveritse, Environmental Encroachment and

10/16 Thompsonville Park set, Staten Island, NYC

puppet bike 5 year anniversary party chicago
                      peter jones gallery10/16 Staten Island Ferry set for NYC HONK

10/16 Washington Square Park set

10/15 Coco66 Brooklyn, NYC with Titubanda

10/14 Vassar College Jazz Night, NY

10/13 Black Repertory Theater set for HONK

10/13 EE at AS220, Providence RI HONK tour

10/12 Reclaim the Street Parade, Cambridge MA

10/11 Set at Dilboy Hall, Somerville, MA

10/11 Statue Park, Davis Square, Somerville MA for second busking HONK set

honkfest10/11 Street Show to Open HONK fest

10/10 EE Plays late nite set at HONK

10/4 ee sidewalk sale - Fulton Arts Walk

9/27 Dan and Tara's Wedding

9/26 Phyllis' Musical Inn with Charles Joseph Smith

9/24 Viva Las Vegas Party at CroBar

9/13 Russian Birthday Party at Martini Club

                      bike 5 year anniversary party chicago peter jones
                      gallery8/25-9/1 Burning Man Festival 2008

8/10 Carlos's Birthday Party w/Chicago Aissawa Project

resonate chicago 2008\8/2-3 Chicago PreKomp Burning Man Party

                      bike 5 year anniversary party chicago peter jones
                      gallery7/26 Bughouse Square Debates at Newbury Library - Washington Square Park

7/25 Critical Mass after-party at Phyllis Musical Inn with guests from Cirque du Soleil

7/19 Bucktown Arts Festival Kids Jamboree in Holstein Park

                      corporate gig with invision, hyatt chicago7/15 EE at the Crystal Ballroom private event for InVision at the Hyatt Regency

7/11-13 Michigan Peace Festival

6/30 Chicago Peace Fest

puppet bike 5 year anniversary party chicago
                      peter jones gallery6/30 Chicago PRIDE parade with Rat Patrol and Hell's Satans Bike Gang

6/27 Phyllis Musical Inn Post Chicago Critical Mass Party

6/27 EE jams at Critical Mass! (You tube video)

puppet bike 5 year anniversary party chicago
                      peter jones gallery6/14 World Naked Bike Ride: Chicago Edition

6/10 Fulton Market Truck-Art Party

puppet bike 5 year anniversary party chicago
                      peter jones gallery6/7 Orphanage Festival with Belmondos, Gemini Birthday Party

puppet bike 5 year anniversary party chicago
                      peter jones gallery6/1 EE, Electric Medicine and Sabrina Chap at Burkhart Underground Art Studios

5/30 Critical Mass Party with Amoreys at Phyllis' Musical Inn

                      bike 5 year anniversary party chicago peter jones
                      gallery5/17 Waldorf School May Fair

5/16 Art Against War Benefit: Heartland Cafe

5/10 OrphanRage: Heavy Metal Fest with Baba Yaga and Blood of Martyrs, @ Orphanage

sharkstock artopolis art chicago party4/26 Sharkstock 3: Artopolis Party for Art Chicago at Wesley Kimler's Studio

resonate chicago 2008\3/29 RESONATE 3.0 Chicago

3/23 Street Parade commemorating 5-year anniversary of War Protest: Seattle Honk Fest West

3/22 Honk Fest West: Georgetown, Seattle

seattle honk band ee artist marching band3/21 Honk Fest West: Ballard, Seattle

lamprey art parade3/9 Lamprey Pilsen Artists Saint Patrick Day Parade with rat patrol and more!

chiditarod 2008 shopping cart race chicago3/1 Chicago Chiditarod Shopping Cart Race, and finish line party at Cobra Lounge

                      bike 5 year anniversary party chicago peter jones
                      gallery2/23 Puppet Bike 5 year anniversary party at Peter Jones Gallery

2/12 Reggie's All-City Nite with Civilized Man and dj Skrablor

2/2 New Orleans Musicians Clinic Benefit at the Winds Cafe, Logan Square, Chicago

ferdinand fox environmental encroachment
                      chicago1/05 Kinetic Playground with Black Bear Combo

2007 (62)(426)

ferdinand fox environmental encroachment
                        chicago12/31 New Years Eve at Phylis Musical Inn w/ Ferdinand Fox

12/7 Phylis' Musical Inn - Leslie's birthday

ferdinand fox
                        environmental encroachment chicago12/1 Waldorf School Kids show - Chicago

11/3 NYC Burning Man decompression at the Queens Museum of Art

10/31 Chicago Halloween Parade

10/26 QuestFest: Quest Theater Ensemble

10/13 A Cavallo art car Party, Red Hook, Brooklyn

10/12 EE with Huff This and Programmer at L.E.S. roof-top party

ferdinand fox environmental encroachment
                        chicago10/9 EE with Pink Puffers and Veveritse at Barbes, Park Slope, Brooklyn

10/9 EE at Washington Square Park with Pink Puffers and members of Hungry March Band and March Fourth Marching Band

10/7 Harvard Square reclaim the streets Parade

10/6 EE at StarFreaks Plaza, HONK Fest!

10/6 EE at Davis Square Fountain afternoon

                        fox environmental encroachment chicago10/5 EE with Pink Puffers and Rude Mechanical Orchestra at Abbey Lounge, Somerville, HONK!

9/29 Chicago BM Decomp after-party late night

ferdinand fox environmental encroachment
                        chicago9/29 Chicago Burning Man Decompression Party Daytime Event for workers!

9/27 March Fourth Marching Band with EE at the Orphanage for a marching blow-out

9/15 EE at Phylis' Musical Inn

ferdinand fox
                        environmental encroachment chicago

9/14 Off the Grid Radio Benefit: PeoplePower Space

ferdinand fox environmental encroachment
                        chicago8/28-9/5 Burning Man Festival 2007

8/17 MidStates Music Festival, Subterranean

7/14 Kraftbrau Brewery, Kalamazoo, Michigan

7/13 Michigan Peace Festival, Lacota Michigan,

7/7/07 World Hoop Day with EE at the Chicago Peace and Hemp Festival 2007

6/23 EE at the FoxHole, Electric Bunny Show

6/17 Custer Street Fair with Adam Zeisler, Day 2

6/16 Phylis Musical Inn with Brian Imig and Electric Medicine

ferdinand fox environmental encroachment
                        chicago6/16 Custer Street Fair, Evanston, Illinois

ferdinand fox environmental encroachment
                        chicago6/10 EE w/Ferdinand Fox, Athens, Big Black Cloud at the Orphanage, SouthSide Chicago

6/9 World Naked Bike Ride - Chicago #3

6/2 Help Bury Racism in Oak Park Parade

ferdinand fox environmental encroachment
                        chicago5/27 EE at the Orphanage with Boyfriends, Krystee, and Black Bear Combo

5/26 Buddha's Peace and Happiness Birthday Parade- Ravenswood Buddhist Temple

5/19 Lorties Block Party: Oak Park

5/13 Awards Ceremony for Houston Art Car Parade at the Orange Show Monument, Houston Texas

5/12 EE encroaches Noutsoh, Houston

                        fox environmental encroachment chicago5/12 Houston Art Car Parade, Car @1 with Orange Show's Fruitmobile

5/12 ViPit Party for Houston Art Car Parade

5/11 Super Happy Fun Land, Houston

5/11 Shop Talk at Art Car Museum, Houston

5/9 EE plays at 11-ish. hosted by D.Demchuk and Arvo F.H. Lord of The Yum Yum, EE, David Diarreah, DJ's Quantazelle, Mr. Bobby, LiveWire

5/3 Thursday, May 3 it's time for the Annual Jammin' with Jane Join us at PINT 1547 North Milwaukee Ave. -benefiting Emergency Fund

4/13 ee with electric medicine (f*in A, CIA!), ee will start at ten, go to Eleven, just like spinal tap.

4/6 Bunnycon 2007, Synchronicity presents 4th annual beers and ears pub hop, for Burners Without Borders, currently helping residents on Chicago's south side with toxicity problems in their water. DRESS IN BUNNY OR EASTER OUTFIT! get ears or make them or grow them.

4/1 April Fools w/Mr.F-head, Kibosh, Black Bear Combo at Beat Kitchen w/dj Labb Ratt

3/30 Bio-Burlesque T.H.O.N.G. benefit at Yoga Now

3/28 EE @ Dulcenea for Onomatopoeia show

3/24 Resonate 2.0 Burning Man Fundraiser

ferdinand fox
                        environmental encroachment chicago3/18 Ever so Secret Order of the Lamprey Alternate St. Patrick's Day Parade

ferdinand fox environmental encroachment
                        chicago3/2 Chiditarod Number2, Hideout, Pontiac Cafe, Chicago Absurdist Shopping Cart Race!, Annual.

2/24 Great Lakes Regional Burning Man Mardis Gras, Three Oaks, Michigan, Acorn Theater

2/17 Mardis Gras at Winds Cafe

2/10 Puppet/Bike Show at Peter Jones Gallery

1/26 EE at Canopy Club w/ Zmick and Greg Spero

1/25 "Branded and on Display" Krannert Museum Opening Performance

1/19 EE - Sonotecque - Version Fest Fundraiser

2006 (74)(364)

12/23 EE with Mr. F*khe*d @ Elastic Arts

12/9 Sagittarian Travels Party at Cornelia Arts

11/11 EE at Harvest Festival, Grant Park

10/31 Chicago Halloween Parade - Halsted St

10/28 Fantasy HeadQuarters and Film Party

10/27 Tara's Haunted House Party

10/27 Halloween Party at Zhou Brother's Center

10/21 Benefit for Chicory Center, Indiana

10/20 Third Friday Opening at Zhou B Center

10/20 John Santoro Opening @ Tom McCormick Gallery

10/9 Sara Lawrence College with Black Bear Combo

10/8 Honk Festival - 2 shows - Harvard Sq, Dilboy

10/7 Honk Festival - 2 shows: Somerville, Davis Sq.

10/3 Lilly's Bar with Black Bear Combo, Honk fundraiser

9/30 Chicago Burning Man Decompression Party

8/28-9/4- Burning Man Festival

8/27 Steve and Liz's Wedding, Stage Coach NV.

8/? Entheon #3

7/22 Roof Top party after Wicker Park Music Festival. Grand/Ada

7/14-16 Michigan Peace Festival, Lacota, Bim Willow Ranch

7/9 Chicago Peace Festival, North Avenue Park (playing in the Lake!)

7/2 Dennis and Angela's Wedding, North Chicago

6/24 EE for New Orleans Musicians Clinic benefit (N.O.M.C.), Winds Cafe

6/17 Brief appearance at the Loggers and Hippies party by Robin

6/17 EE at Peter Jones Gallery with the Puppet Bike

6/15 EE on WGN Morning News with the Puppet Bike Party

6/3 Gemini Rising Finale! with EE, Mofoe, and dj Wil B I

6/3 Roger's Park Assoc. NeighborFood Festival, Indian Boundary Park

5/26-28 Summer Camp Festival, SummerCamp Music Festival, Chillicothe IL

5/21 Clowns @ Mike and Maggie's party, Winona street, Rogers Park

5/12 Pick-a-Cup Cafe, Evanston, IL, with Figment, aka the Figments

5/7 EE at the Green Mill Lounge, Uptown legend, New Music Matinee

5/6 ENTHEON: Burning Man Fundraiser for MAPS Camp: Heir Gallery southside

5/6 Buddha's Peace and Happiness Parade, Ravenswood Buddhist Temple

5/6 Roosevelt University for Chicago Social: EE with Mark Messing and AAAWMB

5/5 Cinco de Mayo - Trish's going away party at Kristina's

4/25 EE small combo night at Flo

boneyard arts festival band4/21-22 Boneyard Arts Festival - Rantoul, Urbana, Champaign Illinois

4/20 4-20 Night at Marrakesh Expresso

space bunny party4/15 Space Bunny Easter Bonnet Extravaganza at Che Luis Gallery

ferdinand fox environmental encroachment

4/6 Marrakesh Expresso Thursday Moroq Theme night

4/4 ee small combo and Theremin nightFlo

3/21 ee small combo and Theremin nightFlo

3/19 Alternative St. Pats march, x-Lamprey Pilsen Parade

3/18 Protest Rally and Michigan Avenue anti-war March

3/16 Marrakesh Expresso Thursday Moroq Theme night

3/14 David Marine and Theremin night w/ EE'ers at Flo

3/10 EE and Electric Medicine @ Pick-a-Cup Cafe, Evanston

3/9 Bands of the band members of Valentine Victorious, Viaduct

3/4 EE with Princes of Futa at Heartland Cafe, Rogers Park

3/4 Chiditarod Absurd Shopping Cart Race @ Hideout Daytime

3/3 Twisted Endeavor Shadow Puppet Shows with EE @ High School

3/2 Marrakesh Expresso Thursday Moroq Theme night

2/28 Mercury Cafe Mardi Gras Party and Hooping

2/26 New Orleans Musicians Clinic Benefit - Winds Cafe

2/25 EE and dj Wil B I for Mardi Gras at Che Luis Gallery

2/24 Art and Economics Art Show at Green Lantern Gallery

2/21 EE at Flo Small Combo Night

2/15 EE Bone and Percussion night at Marrakesh Expresso

2/7 Radioactive Muchachos at Flo Cafe, Chicago Avenue

2/2 Marrakesh Expresso with Moroccan Music and Dance

1/28 Dance and Hooping Party with DJ Wil B I, Che Luis Gallery

1/21 post theater show at Teddi and Chris's with Leslie and D. Silverman

1/19 Marrakesh Expresso with Radioactive Jibelia

1/6 Mike Brieger post art show reception at che luis

2005 (48)(290)
12/31 Osanyin, New Years, and Charly Party @ che luis gallery!

12/30 Mother and experimental Moroccan night - Marrakesh Expresso

12/23 EE Hardcore Moroq night - Marrakesh Expresso

12/17 Club Rhythm for Jeni Swerdlow's flipside Jamboree

12/9 Los Radioactive Muchachos - IWW + Carlos Cortez tribute, Acme arts

12/2 Mansion Circus Party, Hyde Park, Trapeze and music

11/05 Dia de los Muertos party at Che Luis Gallery

10/31 Halsted Street Halloween Parade, Alien Invasion

10/15 Phil Solomnson + Lee Warzecka's Wedding - Buddhist Temple

                      circus, john cage, chicago9/25 John Cage's MusiCircus @ the Museum o Contemptible Art, Chicago

9/12 Brilliantly Mad Zine's Pirate Parade Wicker Park - Milwaukee Avenue

9/10 Pedal Pushers Parade - Wicker Park Bike Parade for Diabetes

8/29-9/4 Burning Man Festival, Black Rock City, Nevada

8/13 Burning Chocolate party - MAPS/BOP Camp Fundraiser for Burning Man

8/9 "Back to School" Party - Crowne Convention Center, O'Hare Airport

jbtv high-def shoot8/7 JBTV High Definition Television Shoot with Christian White w/Jerry Bryant

7/30 THONG Chicago Summer Party, Transamoeba, T.H.O.N.G. Rites

michigan peace and music fest7/15-17 Michigan Peace Festival, Lacota Michigan, Bim Willow Ranch Gathering

7/10 EE Horn Section with the Amoreys at the Wind's Cafe, Logan Square

7/10 Logan Square Farmers Market, Live Vegetable Clogging and Marching Jam Band

6/30 EE Live in two rooms, WZRD, 88.3 FM, the Wizard, Chicago's finest Radio

6/25 Gnome Convention - Fest, Private Party, Winthrop Harbor

Rotary Club 100 year anniversary party
                      McCormick Place Chicago6/19 Rotary International 100 Year Anniversary Party @ McCormick Place!

6/16 EE with Guy Madden at MovieSide Film Festival, Music Box, Chicago

6/11 EE well represented at much larger World Naked Bike Ride Chicago

6/3 Gemini Rising with Wil B I at Chez Luis Gallery, West Loop Gate

Rotary Club 100 year anniversary party
                      McCormick Place Chicago5/21 Rwanda Lesson, Darfur Action! Benefit - Artists in Residence, Rogers Park

                      Birthday Peace and Happiness Parade, Ravenswood5/14 Buddha's Birthday Peace and Happiness Parade, Ravenswood Temple

5/06 Scavenger Hunt Party at University of Chicago main quad

5/06 Unitarian Church, Hyde Park, benefit for Jon Wright Mission

Rotary Club 100 year anniversary party
                      McCormick Place Chicago4/24 McKinley Park with Nets and Version Fest, architectural experiments

Rotary Club 100 year anniversary party
                      McCormick Place Chicago4/23 Robin Barcus's Farewell Fundraiser for Dress Tour USA - Saverio's

Rotary Club 100 year anniversary party
                      McCormick Place Chicago4/22 Version Festival Opening Night at Heaven/buddY Gallery - MayHem

Rotary Club 100 year anniversary party
                      McCormick Place Chicago4/16 Heartland Cafe, Rogers Park, w/ Ferdinand Five Funkateers, EE + FF

Rotary Club 100 year anniversary party
                      McCormick Place Chicago4/16 NeighborFood Fest, Warren Park, Chicago, organic Eden experiments

Rotary Club 100 year anniversary party
                      McCormick Place Chicago4/8 Future of Food, GeneWise, EE, JSR at Artists-n-Residence, Rockers Park

3/25 Bunny Hop, Bonnet and Costumed Parade and Music Show, ArtFul Dodger

3/18 Jane's Birthday Party at Aurora's

                      Club 100 year anniversary party McCormick Place
                      Chicago3/13 Real St. Patrick's Day Parade, Lost Tribe, Lost Lampreys, Rat Patrol, etc,

2/26 AIDS/Africa benefit @ Kovler Center w/ Jungle Street Rockers + Alpha/Human Rights

Rotary Club 100 year anniversary party
                      McCormick Place Chicago2/19 Carnivale w/ Collaboraction + Kaotic! @ Congress Theater

2/05 Mardis Gras Party with EE and DJ Wil B I at Che Luis Gallery

1/28 EE at the Note, Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, for Emergenza Festival

2004 (23)(242)

12/10 Naked Poetry anti-Slam w/ Aurora Denai at the ex-Studio_C

11/5 Bush/no Bush Party for T.H.O.N.G. at TransAmoeba

11/2 Election Night Party with Anti-Gravity at HandleBar

                      the Clown, EE Halloween Parade10/31 Halsted Street Halloween Parade

10/29 Halloween Party at Josh + Dominick's Loft in Bridgeport

10/23 UnderShorts Film Festival 7 :Congress Theater, Chicago

9/25 Speakeasy Tour - Printer's Row, 1920's Chicago Tour and Party

Burning Man,
                      Vault of Heaven, 2004 Images, pictures,
                      photographs from Christian White8/26 -9/5 EE scouts Burning Man 2 -Arts Festival, Black Rock City, NV

8/20 WZRD, 89.3 FM Chicago -The Wizard- 30th Anniversary Party, Abbey Pub

7/23 Masks and T.H.O.N.G.s at Buddy Gallery

Pride Parade,
                      Chicago, 20046/27 PRIDE PARADE 2004

6/19 World Refugee Day: Children's Parade with EE

6/4 Gemini Rising with dj Wil B I and Red Lox -Che Luis Gallery

5/29 3rd Annual Peace and Happiness Parade: Ravenswood Buddhist Temple

5/14-6 MovieSide Film Fest with Jack Hill and George Romero

full moon
                      jam chicago illinois

5/9 "Ancient Astronauts" show at BeatKitchen

5/1 MayDay Dub Revolution Party with Wil B I and dj Tim -Che Luis Gallery

                      clown chicago illinois4/23 Evil Clown Halloween in April Reception at Roscoe's Tavern

4/17 NeighborFood Festival in Rogers Park, night set at Heartland Cafe

                      lloyd wright unity temple oak park illinois3/28 Music and Mediation Lecture by Bret Lortie - Unity Temple, Oak Park IL

3/12 Where We Stood Documentary at Northwestern Law School

                      gras chicago2/24 Mardis Gras Party at Viaduct with dj Wil B I

t.h.o.n.g.1/31 T.H.O.N.G. "Thongs and Capes" organic food party at Buddy Gallery.

2003 (30)(218)

12/19 Winter Solstice show with the Amorey's at Hog Head McDunnas.

earth day costumed march images12/13-14 MovieSide Film Festival with Jim Jarmusch and Down By Law

12/12 Flowers and Monsters Art Show : John Santoro at Thomas McCormick

11/22 Repeat Offender/Shipwreck Avenger Fashion Show

11-15 Quilombo Cultural Center Benefit for Capoeria Angola Chicago

11/1 Day of the Dead Party @ Che Luis Gallery w/ Capoeria Angola and dj Wil B I

10/31 Evil Clown posse @ Halsted Street Halloween Parade

10/31 Critical Mass Halloween Bike Ride

9/19 "Burlesque Tartare" show at HotHouse with Q and H

9/18 Chicago World Music Festival Open House at the Cultural Center

burning man 20038/23 -9/1 EE scouts Burning Man Arts Festival, Black Rock City, NV

8/16 Fun'd Rais'r w/ the Lotto Gnomes at Robins

Children's Music Festival8/9-10 Children's Music Festival on Chicago's Michigan Avenue

8/2,3 Thrill 3: The Party by Joymore Gallery in Humboldt Park

undershorts film festival photos7/25 Undershorts Film Festival at the Congress Theater - Caterpillar

Lollapalooza 2003 Chicago7/13 Lollapalooza with the EE marching band and Jane's Addiction

6/29 With UnderShortsFilmFest on PRIDE PARADE Float

6/27 ?Sound Support -Brazilian Bossanova Bowl w/ Los Gaupos- Timber Lanes?

6/23 FREEDOM Festival Parade in Wicker Park, Chicago

collaboraction theater chicago6/7 Collaboraction Theater Party, Butterfly Metamorphosis

rhythm chicago
                      photos5/24 Electric Show at Club Rhythm

buddha parade, chicago5/17 Buddha's Birthday Parade: Ravenswood Buddhist Temple Chicago

5/15 Entertainment for Cat Chow's Fashion Open House

5/10 Undershorts Film Fest Fundraiser at 1446 West Huron (tree)

earth day
                      costumed march images4/12 Earth Day Celebration at People's Market, Evanston

whitey on
                      tuba, blanquito3/27 VERSION>03 Party at Open-End Arts

                      by ten magazine2/27 SPECTACLE Party for Ten by Ten Magazine at Open-End Arts

hammond indiana cubicle art show2/14 Cubicle show @ Hammond(Indiana) Arts Inside-Out Festival

2/1 Late night house party @ David Marine's "New House"

venezuelan flag2/1 Funky Buddha Saturday nite funk fest

2002 (37)(188)

snowglobe structure on Michigan ave12/21 Snow-Globe 2 at Millenial Park

12/16 Dance Party and Performance at Funky Buddha Lounge

nautical music
                      march12/13, Private Party on Navy Pier for Duetsche-Boerse

                      waters at movieside with ee12/7-8 MovieSide Film Festival- 1 Year Anniversary Bash with John Waters

ee wedding
                      at snow globe11/30 Millenial Park Children's Event at SnoGlobe

11/2 Day of the Dead Party at Che Luis

10-26 Halloween Dance Party at Old Town School of Folk Music

rich bach,
                      pittsburgh10-4-6 4th Annual Black Sheep Puppet Festival in Pittsburgh

9-07 Ultimate Frisbee National Tune-Up for E.E. Headrick (RIP)

8-24 Association House Puppet Parade in Wicker Park

                      parade8-10 City of Hammond Artists' Invasion Parade

                      2002 photos7-31-8-03 BuskerFest (4 days)

folk and roots
                      festival7-14 Folk and Roots fest day 2(3)

7-14 NASCAR Day 2 Marching Band and Bembe tent

                      folk and roots fest7-13 Folk and Roots fest Puppet show and Parade

nascar 2002
                      photos7-13 NASCAR parade in Joliet IL

7-11 Musical performance and march at Walleye gallery

7-06 Bedtime Stories Cabaret at Buddy with Jeni Swerdlow

                      parade 2002 chicago6-30 PRIDE parade with LoveChaos

6-15 Bridge Magazine fundraiser

john k
                      garvey school workshop6-11 John K. Garvey Elementary School performance and workshops

5-25 EE Marching band for the Buddhist Temple parade (Ravenswood)

5-01 May Day Celebration and benefit at HotHouse

                      ellipsoid4-26 Cyclopean Ellipsoid Fire and Performance

4-20 Woman's Health Center 2 Benefit at AZONE

4-11 with Pum Pum Sin Manteca at Subterranean - Chivolay!

4-07 AZone with Insurrection Landscapers and Fire Show

all night party3-31 OTS all nite party 2

3-23 at A-Zone, 2129 North Milwaukee, Chicago, womyn's benefit

3-08 for LoveChaos 2 at HotHouse

3-01 UnderShorts Film Festival at the Congress Theater

2-17 EE Pancake Breakfast at Chez Luis Gallery

2001 (31)(151)

12-8 Chic-a-go-go Live taping of Chicago Dance Show

12-7 LoveChaos event at HotHouse

11-29 Noche de Gnomos with Pum Pum Sin Manteca at Subterranean

11-21 Gnome show with Tallulah and Moxy Blue at Martyrs

damon from
                      Pittsburgh9-22 Black Sheep Puppet festival

funky monkey9-15 Fundraiser show at Chez Luis

8-11 Benefit for Go Guerilla at the Azone, acoustic and fire shows

7-14 Chicago Folk and Roots Fest, Wells Park

6-23 Combustible Puppet Cabaret

6-23 MCA Summer Solstice Show (2)

6-22 Combustible Puppet Cabaret

6-22 Puppetropolis Street Stages;Thompson Center (4)

chicago puppetropolis festival6-19 Puppetropolis Street Stages;Lincoln Park Zoo (4)

6-16 Combustible Puppet Cabaret

                        Avenue puppets6-16 Puppetropolis Street Stages;Devon Ave (3)

6-15 Combustible Puppet Cabaret

Debuffet Sculpture Chicago6-15 Puppetropolis Street Stages;Thompson Center

6-15 Puppetropolis Street Stages;Daley Plaza (2)

puppetropolis chicago6-14 Puppetropolis Opening, Field Museum (2)

Picasso puppet6-5 Puppetropolis preview "under the Picasso"

6-2 "Human Zoo" at The HotHouse

6-1 Museum of Contemporary Art's First Fridays

5-27 Dept of Space and Land March

5-18 "Undershorts Film Festival" Biograph Theatre

4-16 Northeastern Illinois University Spring Fest, Student Center

4-14 All Night Party at Old Town School of Folk Music

4-13 The Junk Show, Links Hall

3-31 Space Show at Chez Luis Gallery

Stone Soup Mardi Gras2-24 Mardis Gras Party, Stone Soup Co-op

2-10 Valenentinesque show, Chez Luis Gallery

little america
                      photo shoot

2000 (22)(120)

12-10 CAC Xmas party at Peter Jones Gallery

12-8,9 PaperRoc Puppet Festival, SpareroomChicago

11-17,18 Thirteenth Floor Gallery's Phobia show

                      santoro11-6 Nervous Center with Pineal Ventana

11-5 Sci-Fi show at Hothouse's Feast of Fools

10-13 GirlBar

Opera Star10-13 !3th Floor Gallery Puppet show

10-10 Ralph Nader Green Party rally show, UIC Pavilion

9-28-29 MadLab, Columbus Ohio (2 shows)

Artists Group
                        Tofishy9-22-24 Pittsburgh Black Sheep Puppet Festival, one constant show

9-20 Mantis Gallery, Kent, Ohio, ms, q, w, and dr

9-15 WZRD music festival Pheromone Friday Outdoor festival

9-14 WZRD 88.3 FM, Thurs. warm up for Friday, live recording

9-8 13th Floor Gallery, Around the Coyote festival

Oz Festival Parade8-5 OZ Fest, childrens parade through zoo

Quentin in Helmet6-23 MCA Summer Solstice Party, mad science spectacle,

Horn section5-28 Live radio show on WZRD number two, with Tom Dennehy on piano

4-28-Whitey's Circus, clownery

WZRD Music
                        Festival3-30- Live radio show on WZRD Live engineered ee music, get the MP3 clip, CD

3-7 Mardis Gras parade in Wicker Park (wicker park R.I.P.)

2-26- Chez Louis Fundraiser introducing Tofishi show and Lab

tim man art costume2-11-00 Field Museum Mask Parade, hidden in the hall marching band performance

1999 (13)(98)

12-31 New Years March, Old Town School of Folk Music marching band performance

los radioactive
                        muchachos debut12-18 HOWL, Museum of Science and Industry Millenial Parade for performance artists

HOWL festival11-21 Hyde Park Art Center Opening Video and shadow puppet installation and gallery march
Full moon gig at Charons music show

Witches Millenial
                        Ball10-31 Witch's Millennium Ball at Strawdog Theatre all night Halloween fiasco

9-25 Black Sheep Puppet Festival, Pittsburgh, Piasa Bird Mega performance at Industrial Arts Coop

9-10 March for Around the Coyote usual outdoor stomp and visit to myopic books

9-4 March for Bailiwick Theatre Feast of Fools Promotional March to theatre to introduce Festival

Oz Children's Parade7-31 Oz festival children's parade Outdoor parade for children's festival

Cyclopian Ellipsoid entryCyclopean Ellipsoid opening at full moon.

6-26 quentinloft, projection Sketches show at famed 'studio C'

Solstice MCA6-18 mca summer solstice Planetary alignment and birth of Venus show

4-9 music box theatre promotional costumed march for Rusty Nail's film premiere, ACNE

Backstage photos3-18-99 martyr's Hypatia show and introducing Los Radioactive Muchachos

1998 (27)(85)

10-18 City of Chicago Halloween Parade EE led parade section for Hades

Haunted House
                        Halloween10-98 Hades science of fear, (14 performances) New improved Haunted House at Museum of Science and Industry

Bret and Mike9-11 Around the coyote-phylis's- death of neighborhood RIP wicker park costumed parade

8-22 Beloit second retreat show with laser and slide projections on silos

8-16 Lortie's block party outdoor show in Oak Park, Illinois

8-2 kiki's roof music show for pre nuptial party for Kiki

6? Viaduct projection and music show

6-21 Beloit retreat show, with around barn march and synchronized swimming

6-19 mca summer solstice shadow puppet show and march through museum

6-18 earthfirst benefit at heartland cafe, Rodgers Park, music show

Cleveland Performance Art Festival5-27 Cleveland performance art festival EE bonding like family away from home

5-8 chez louis outrageous party show

Bonnet Parade
                        Goose4-11 poop studios Bonnet parade in wicker park march and Easter show

Mardis Gras Parade2-24-98 Phyllis's musical inn Marching band for Bards Gras and music show with projections

1997 (26)(58)

                        Christensen10-97 Hades (18 performances) Haunted House with rocker crew at nation's largest Haunted House

9-26 Charybdis yet another

9-6 Charybdis gallery and around the coyote festival nets and costumes after marching band parade

7-18 EGG gallery cramped shadow puppet experience

7-5 MCA -- Performance Anxiety Unruly event

Utah Car Crash3-15 The Cell large scale collaboration with performers
our car crash photos on the way home, what a show we survived!

3-13 Minna st gallery intense intimate performance

the Defenestration Dragon3-9 Defenestration huge outdoor happening involving masses of sf street performers

3-7-97 Anon Salon first of four San Fran dates

1996 (32)

11-30-96 show at chez louis, eye patch haunting Dave«s last show, EE with dj Wil B I and The Convulsions

10-96 Hades (14 performances) First Haunted House installations and scare tactics

8-96 parade with bike for more DNC day two of above

dnc 968-96 Democratic National Convention two days of political performance installations(2)

8-96 EE @ Chez Louis w TJ installation Shadow puppetry enters the scene

Deron Cavaletti7-96 EE Michigan our tour to the beaches of Northern Michigan for filming stuff

7-96 el Rancho Relaxo with swing and fountain playground installation and wild music performance

6-96 show at Jack's with costumes EE's first official step into full installation performance, with controversial results

Drumbike at ArtChicago5-96 Navy Pier Art Chicago Guerilla sculptural installation at the Big Art Fair in Chitown

See-saw abandoned4-96 Abandoned building on 22nd and Racine EE and interpersonal playground installation

2-96 Bike ride downtown drums and percussion mounted on a giant four person bike

Playopolis12-30-95 Playopolis New Year's event Even more mega new years event, including gondola ride

11-95 Show at Jacks with Trailerhitch: Zipline installation at Heavy Metal rock show

11-95 3LEE - 3 level indoor playground with light and water installations and roof see-saw

Play in Net10-95 2S2N 18th st bridge show insane installation under huge active drawbridge over the Chicago river, AN ALL TIME EE CLASSIC

Junkie Island7-95 Humboldt Park Island Playground "junky island" transformed

Welding at first
                        show2-95 Fat Louie's Loft installation a 5000 sq ft indoor playground

Net hanging12-31-94 New Years Event with nets and seesaw Massive undertaking with giant outdoor installation and music

Giant Swing11-94 swing installation the very first installation, potentially pre-EE