Mad Science Event at Solstice

The EE Mad Science Solstice, MCA Summer Solstice Show, 2000

EE took the Solstice by storm with a big marching band that grew. Right after our skit, it started to rain and the party continued all morning. Here are a few photos from backstage, The video of our show is available on video from our catalog, courtesy of DemaCircus.

We will see you in 2001 at the MCA Summer Solstice 36 hour event.

Photos courtesy of Dicordant Circus and Josi.


The EE gang gathers. The mad science mutations become more evident. "Hey, lets warm up with the salsa".

Smiley Jose with Professor Steve Bach, alien psychologist in background mingling with the Volunteer staff.

Backstage. . . ready for our march through the small park and up the steps of the MCA!

Godesses amongst the crates.
CarmaCarmalina and agent Ballady, again with professor Steve Bach, alien psychologist in background warming up his machopsycho guitar infront of the mirror. Also scene lurking is one of the famed sulfuric worms.
Dance party starts.
Things get out of hand when the experiments start. The mobile genetic lab has drawn unwanted attention from some protestors.
Ahhhh, the blob is born and is coming down into the audience.

Did Tom have a fit of narcolepsy and try to change identities for international travel.
(notice nametag, this is certainly not the Professor Bach we know!
(And its the last free banana backstage at the MCA, ps, the blob lost ).

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