Oz Festival - Better than Ozzy!

Ozzy Osbourne, Ozzy himself! was sighted walking his children through this unofficial Oz Fest, althought mor eWizard of Oz than Heavy Metal. Check out the Rock and Roll Costumes, Glam!

Our marching band, ~ EE ~ , www.encroach.net, does do AC/DC, Nirvanna, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd (gnome song), as well as other heavy metal numbers.

More recently discovered photos in Polaroid form from the hand and collection of Ms. Rachelle. Four only, but a glimpse at what made the apes go apes%*t. Our parade was inside the confines of the Lincoln Park Zoo and ended in Lincoln Park for the Oz festival 1999.

A fine habitat for smuggling out a snowy egret from the zool
A Shot of the Ape House! There it is, truly, the apes went mad as we were playing our rhythms. It was a great sensation to have such an audience.
John, ready for Bomba.
A wild photo of Whitey in the Kids area of the Oz festival.

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