HOWL Festival and its Preview party

The Howl festival was sponsored by the Hyde Park Art Center, a non-profit gallery spaced with a long history down on the south side of Chicago near the Universitey of Chicago.

The premise of the Howl festival was to bring artists together for a millenium procession. The artists were to make a symbolic effigy of something that they did not want to bring into the new millenium. These effigies would be burnt in a huge fire at the end of the parade.

This page documents the preview for Howl held at the Hyde Park Art Center. Performance artists were asked to put up an artistic representation of the group.

The actual festival, HOWL, was held weeks later at the Museum of Science and Industry in the dark cold nite of Chicago winter.

Click here to visit the parade documentation of the Howl Festival.

Here's the Logo designed by Ben at the Hyde Park Art Center.

Environmental Encroachment's representative piece at the Hyde Park Art Center's gallery space consists of a hanging projector screen.

Projections are not visible in this photo due to the lighting, but lots of cool projections complimented an array of computer screens which displayed EE images and our logo.

Also, the giant Piasa Bird puppet guards over the installation, as well as our pet shark, on left.

Thomas James Stephens dressed as millenial-man, on big stilts and a ten foot tall outrageous costume, that would make another appearance at the event finale, the actual parade and burning.

View the second part of the Howl show by clicking here.

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