JBTV live shoot with EE, August 2005

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photos courtesy of TJ Darwin, Christian, and David Marine

The Audio CD and High Definition DVD are under way!

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EE and EE friends, fans, and folx,
A Big invite to get all of our folx out to JBTV studios this Sunday for a live EE HDTV Video Shoot and LIVE RECORDING PARTY! Its goin down at JBTV studios. If you are unfamiliar with JBTV, its an undergound music video syndicated show around the country.

*WHEN: THIS SUNDAY, August 7th, party will start at about 5 PM, filming at 6 PM.
*WHERE: Jerry Bryan's JBTV Recording and Film Studios 216 West Ohio Street Chicago, IL 60610 (312) 751-8999 WeE will be in a huge loft space, plenty of floor space, food, pool tables, full on stage, lights, inticing sundries, This studio is worth seeing!! Its like being in the Millenium Falcon, and Jerry from JBTV is a living legend, who all should meet and network with!
*WHAT: EE will be onstage, performing some live songs, while a crew will be shooting the band AND OUR AUDIENCE in HIGH DEFINITION TELEVISION! We will be taping for re-broadcast, not streaming live. We will be recording five songs, all about five minutes, There will be a costume change in the middle of our set.
* WHO: EE, our friends, JB, Christian White (producer),
* WHY: EE needs a music video/pro-recording. We want to include everyone and make it a party, appreciation, happening!---!This is a chance to be on international TV. A chance to see an awesome, and legendary Chicago studio. Dress up, bring props, bring fun, bring energy, and dance during our songs to be on the Live video.

DANCE!!!!: Dancing: Tap, clogging, breakin, ALL STYLES Welcome and encouraged. Audience participation Chic-a-go-go style! We need action, energy, hooting! If your in THONG, wear a Thong or bring a THONG banner. If you hula hoop, bring hoops! Juggle machetes? If you dance, spin, poi, bring it! If you've got a favorite sock puppet, bring em! Costumes a must, we will also have some dress up stuff there. We will be internationally broadcasting this, so look good and help make EE history and join us for some fun!

Please email me if you are interested in participating in this LIVE EE VIDEO.
WeE neEd You there! M. Smith, EE


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