old town school's all night party, April 2002

these photos are courtesy of Alcye Henson.



old town school's all night party, April 2002 part 2

these photos are courtesy of www.bobrev.com and The Old Town School..

go to www.bobrev.com for more photos of this night.

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The followers of the Easter Chupacabra emerge from their chamber.
Warm up time, Featured here from left to right are, Charlie's big 1970's fiberglass Tumba, Charlie Bomba, un-named coga, Mister Petey, Woodey Drum, John the night of the Hare Templars (aka Flip Flopsy) on bass, amps and effects, and Bret, rockin out on guitar.

Ayyy, the whole grupo almost, Alyce our fav photographer, then David Meyers blastin on trumpet, Miguelito Bembe checkin in with people, Sache on bata drum, behind Sache is a guy who joined us on mini trumpet from Madison whom we had never met before.

On Conga sittin in is Eduardo from Pum Pum Sin Manteca, in back with sombrero is Jay Laubscher, on nay visiting from New York, Charlie Bomba with ears, Petey, unseen behind Bret on guitar. and also, Flip Flopsy on bass.

Hey thats where I left my trombone.

David's Mellophone. He's BAD!


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