Fundraiser: ancient astronauts
che luis gallery in Chicago for EE

Here we see space lab monkey with senor strawberry. The monkey finds some great fertilizer near the sphintoid zone.
Senor Strawberry goes ballistic, knowing quite well it could soon be the father of 1000 genetic mutants.
The ancient astronauts of Ombah parade in with their cosmic version of the lost funk. Cyber jalabas hand sewn by Larry Mu of EE, if you like, we can make them.
Break out the nakara, quacaba, and guitars as the EE music jam gets it on. Here is instrument maker and percussionist Quentin Shaw playing handmade Nakara by Heather McQueen. These types of instruments are being made by EE members. If you need or want an instrument, contact us.
And last but not least, the original Bonzo, the only chimp sanctioned by Giovanni Hidalgo to play sacred conga rythms.
The puppet costume was made by MUK Designs, contact Sara at 847-866-6168 for dolls and original clothing.

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these are photos from mr. flypaper at our fundraiser at chez luis gallery.