Chicago Millenial Park Children's Tent

EE show on November 30, 2002

SnowGlobe 1, happened on November 30, from 4-6 p.m. the same time as the SnowGlobe 2 event.
Tourists, kids, and friends packed into the five story giant white tent for a continual seasonal music series for adults and children at the brand spankin new Millenial Park right on Chicago's Magnificent Mile, 55 South Michigan Avenue. Check out the new movie on the MOVIE page.

photos by Alyce Henson

Gnomes take the stage.

Then gnomes take the dance floor.

Gnomes marching band.

Dueling Drums and the Gingerbread mansion.

Chicago super rat putting up projections for the hoardes of Chicago to read.

EE dancer Robin shakes it.

Robin and Carmen, our "alien" friend from Puerto Rico.

One wise gnome.

Birthday Party with the Gnomes!

Cuban carolling.

Therimin tandem.

Its goin good.

The gnome conuero crew.

No way was this real.

Oh yeah!

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