House Party with Playground Installation


3LEE was a shortened code word for "three levels of EE".
For this show, EE turned Dave Christensen's House, Studio and Roof into a Playground and Party.

Nets were hung over Dave's Studio for climbing, projections, and a drum station were also set up. 2541 West Division served as Dave's studio, as well as basketball haven to many of the small children, who would come in and play, make bikes, bother Dave.

The second floor had a zip line ride that went over the backyard and landed on roof of the garage!

The roof had a rotating see-saw that actually swung riders over the edge of the three story roof. Incredible.

Movie footage will be had soon,
for now, all we can leave you with is the flyer and your imagination.

The flyer was from our previous 2S2N show, showing the encroachment of the Police boat.

actual photos of this installation/performance will be obtained soon off of some video footage from the show, hopefully by Fall 2003.

artist designed urban guerilla site specific playground

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