Show support against AIDS/HIV in Africa.
You are invited to the Gathering of Artists and Activists. (Artivism for Africa)

Saturday, February 26th
The Kovler Center 1331 W Albion Ave. Chicago, IL 60626  near Loyola University.
Doors open at 6: 30 pm until 1 am

*7pm: Drumming Circle, so bring your Drum or be ready to dance   
and Poetry reading about AIDS/HIV.
* Few minutes of Silence for all Victims of AIDS/HIV.
· Speech on the situation of AIDS/HIV in Africa by Lawani Ibrahim President of United Africa Against HIV/AIDS.
· Follow by a documentary ³ The time to act is now² (10mn)
and ³wake up Africa² (7mn).
· Speech on the situation of AIDS/HIV in Africa by father Laurent Beaudry (Maryknoll) through his experience in Kenya.
· Followed by a documentary about the AIDS/HIV in Kenya.

*Music Band performances:
*10pm: Environmental Encroachment ( Tribal Funk)
*10:30pm: Alpha and the Human Rights Group.
*11pm: Jungle Street Rockers (reggae/funk/hip-hop fusion).

· Throughout the night  we will have Taoistics spinning reggae and soul
· We will have the opportunity to travel  from America to Africa, middle East, Jamaica, and Latin America through music.
We are going to have refreshments but if you can bring food or Drinks to share, itıs going to be very helpful.
* Donation: Open. Please help support this and future gatherings.

If you have any question donıt hesitate to call at 773 338 2986 or email me at
Peace and love Petey, Jungle Street Rockers, Alpha, and all

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