August 10th, Hammond Artists Parade, all day
August 10, 2002

Movie by Dan Miles coming soon.

I borrowed these photos from a kind Chicago artist.

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Getting the "big heads" ready for the parade.

Jane, Mike, Larry and Vanessa of EE.

David Martinez, aka FrencheE, marched with his drum.

Frenchy hoping the Hammond White Hen is open for some real Brie.

Calling all artists with big heads. . ..

Here we are, Hammond Indiana.

EE will be marching in the firts annual Hammond Artist's parade.

There will be all sorts of fun, so click to visit the Hammond Artist Parade website.

Click here to visit the official Parade site:

From the website, "Invitation to an Invasion of Hammond Indiana (updated Jul 23)

Chicago artists are invited by the City of Hammond, Indiana (a few minutes out of town) to invade Hammond and colonize the city with real art this summer.

In conjunction with Arts Inside Out, 2002, Hammond's 3-day Interactive Arts Festival, a bunch of artists from Chicago, Northern Indiana and farther points are staging an old-fashioned, do-it-yourself, community-involvement, summer parade. The festival is August 9, 10, 11 and the parade will be Saturday, the 10th.

You are encouraged to join us, even if just to walk with us. Anyone can play. The bottom line is that your float, marching band, drill team or whatever, long-established or improvised for this event, will join the rest at the Hammond Marina, early Saturday morning, near the Chicago border/state line. We'll march, drive and ride past casinos and through neighborhoods into downtown Hammond for the noon opening of the second day of a big city arts fest.

We should have a rousing mobile circus. Participants include De Corps Costume Collective, a woodwind marching band, the steel workers union local and groups of kids from parks rec programs, as well as dozens of individual artists. There are plans for a race of artist-made vehicles, a pack of killer rabbits, a water-balloon finale and whatever wierdness you'd care to contribute.

The festival itself will be pretty crazy, too, with gallery art exhibits; jazz, hip-hop and dance performances; mural painting, the construction of sculptures to be auctioned off for the benefit of laid-off steel workers, poetry slams, and a giant jig-saw puzzle. There is a covered stage, with sound equipment, dedicated to performances by parade participants (and outdoor film showing on Saturday). Additionally, there are plans for an October exhibit of art/installations/performances featuring parade artists."


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