Live Recording at WZRD, Chicago

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These are just three photos from our live broadcast at WZRD, Northeastern College Radio Station, some late thursday night zaniness insued. Photos by MisterPetey.

only a few photos for ya, starting with core members of the now infamous nastEE horns. Kurt, Bret and mike are crammed into the corner, bustin out with the funk.Most of the fifteen EE musicians are not shown. It was an energetic night, with live broadcasting, and brimming madness.

CD is available, clik here

horn section
Quacaba on left, and Frank on tom and cowbell, Jeni on djun-djun. We played three live sets. Northeastern College has some nice equipment, we mic'd the whole room. drum section
An experimental version of the NastEE Horns Pic. The CD is amazing, order it.
nastEE horns
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