World Naked Bike Ride
Chicago, IL, Saturday, June 14, 2008

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IMAGES - the organizers, June 17, 2008

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world naked bike ride chicago 2008
world naked bike ride chicago 2008

The fifth annual Chicago World Naked Bike Ride on Saturday June 14th 2008
was an overwhelming success, with an official participant count of 1700.
This count was calculated using a stationary elevated video record of the entire mass from head to toe passing a fixed point early in the ride, counted using slow-motion, repeated four times and averaged. The video was taken at the North East corner of Washington and Racine as mass left a traffic signal, using a crosswalk line as count point. Point was about 1.5 miles into ride from gathering area, about .5 miles from Union Park check-in point. Mass there averaged a dozen deep, passing about ten a second. Margin of error could be high, but certainly over 100 more joined the ride well after the count (many intentionally merging at the half-way viewing
point) making 1700 a safe figure.Others are welcome to review the count using the video available here:

Several preliminary photo albums, route map, and more are also there.Cheers to everyone for their tremendous courage! I'd guess that over 90% were in briefs or less (and paint), and 5-10% of those were nude or bare-breasted despite risk, with gender mix not far from even. The mass included a marching-type band (Environmental Encroachment) and several large music systems, over a dozen inline skaters, several skate boarders, many art bikes, and a rear-guard of trailers. As usual, participants have trouble describing the experience, with even gushing words like magical, miraculous, incredible, unbelievable, transcendent, and "best time of my life" barely sufficing.

Route covered about 14+ miles, and for our first time a text messaging group was used to broadcast our progress live. The throng of fans at viewing point (Belmont and Halsted) was exceedingly massive (compressing and lengthening the mass), and we arrived there fashionably late. Some 24,000 informational handouts were distributed en-route. Accidents, flats, and altercations with cars were few.

Massive kudos to the volunteers and coordinators who gave outstanding performance and dedication under pressure. Body painting capacity was more than doubled, and additional activities and more snacks and water were added. Also for the first time we rented porta-potties, and had a large-scale after-party.1700 nearly triples Chicago's 2007 turnout, and I would presume sets another US record.

This year we intentionally under-publicized, to save on printing and distribution, to throttle growth and filter for earnest and repeat participants, and to focus on safety instead of growth. In modesty, Chicago's WNBR benefits greatly from sheer population, an active bike culture and clubs, 10 years of Critical Mass, bike friendly city government, good weather on ride day, and especially being a night ride.*** ANYONE WITH PRESS clippings or TV NEWS captures of the Chicago ride PLEASE retain and reply. Don't assume we already have it. I'm told I was on TV again this year, but have yet to see it.

***Finally but foremost, boundless sincere gratitude goes to mayor Richard M Daley and to the Chicago Police for their acceptance and facilitation of this ride. This and other massive local rides tangibly show Chicago's ongoing success in becoming a notably bike-friendly U.S. city.----------


--------Promoting Freedom from Oil Addiction and Positive Body Image
SATURDAY June 14th 2008 / 6pm gather 9pm ride / bare-as-you-dare / 5th annual!http://ChicagoNakedRide. com

Saturday, June 14th, 2007
6pm Gathering and body painting.
9pm Departure.
Join the e-group or call the hotline for location and last minute details:
312-480-0475The objective of the WNBR is to create a fun and conspicuous event promoting freedom from oil addiction as well as positive body image.This is a clothing optional international event that is bare as you dare. Chicago's rides in 2005 and 2006 included nearly 300 bicyclist and a few inline skaters, and covered in excess of 20 miles of high visibility city areas.Show some guts (and skin) and be a part of one of the most outrageous events in Chicago history.

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