Abandoned building turned urban playground
art installation and video performance by EE

EE had discovered an abandoned building complex at 22nd street and Racine Ave. It was open and perfect place to do a playground installation and film shoot with Christian White. We planned for the big net, a swing, a zipline ride, and the see-saw to be installed. The building was demolished during the next week.

I only have five photos of this large installation scanned. We loaded in the see-saw, set up the zip line for costumed rides, set both nets up for climbing and play, and also set up one swing to boot.

Outside one of the buildings, passers by could catch a glimpse of folks riding a giant revolving see-saw amongst the rubble. 22nd and Racine, Chicago IL.

The riders had to avoid sharp metal, glass and rubble. We brought recorded music and went at it. The see-saw blended right in. Riders could achieve a full 360 degrees of rotation, with only a slight chance of injury.
Dave Christensen with an intense look, as he pushes off of one leg to revolve the see saw installation, right in the middle of a building about to be razed.

Indoor net installations in the abandoned warehouse. Holes were drilled into thick wood beams, and both the 40 foot by 40 foot and the 25 * 20 foot nets were strung up, along with one swing.

Net installation was scene here as a "still life". We eventually played some "Praxis" on the Jam box and proceded to really give the nets a swing and a work out. The movements on video are very beautiful. Its a serious work-out.


Christian White took video footage.

As a final project for the day, we set up the zipline, and almost brought down a wall with the intense pressure needed to tighten the aircraft cable. Dave dawned the Demon mask and was filmed riding down the zipline. It was a small but profound performance art statement.

The photo documentation here only covers the see-saw and net. For swing and zipline documentation, you will have to ask me to make you a video.

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