Environmental Art Installation
Illegal and Guerilla Art Playground installation
Nets and Swing over Chicago River

2S2N stands for "two swings and two nets". Our goal was to hang two nets and two swings under the working and huge steel drawbridge that goes over the Chicago River as part of 18th street. The bridge is unique in that it lifts from one side only, making it very high when the whole structure is raised to lets boats pass underneath. The day we chose for this show happened to be a day when the bridge was let up to let some sailboats by for final docking.
This is an overhead map of the site, which was taken by the United States Geological Survey. These maps are available to the public and are great aides for perspective on outdoor sites (pre-google earth). The land to the right (east) of the bridge, is part of the vast forested area that EE had used for its previous outdoor shows. The two big circles are storage tanks by a railyard.
With the bridge being over the river, there was no terra firma to place ladders or hoists. All connections for the nets were to be made by free climbing on the girders under the bridge. This photo shows the scale. Dave Christensen is climbing on the lower right.

The nets were installed, then the swings. Here is a shot of some of the attendees to the event. About thirty people showed up, including our friend and dj Wil B I and his jam box. It was a great playground. I see Charlie and Saverio Truglia!
At one point, we noticed sailboats gathering by the bridge and yelled for everyone to get out ot the net because the bridge was to be raised.

Luckily, I got my camera and took a shot while the bridge was up. If you look closely, you can see the suspended nets on the upper right of the underside of the raised bridge. Riding it up would have been quite spectacular.

"had to be there".

After the bridge lowered again, it was time to hang and watch astounded boaters passing by looking up and wondering what was going on. People lounged, climbed, jumped, and played. The swing was up and you could launch yourself into the net.
This photo just about sums it up, taken from standing on one of the girders. Meanwhile, cars were constantly whizzing overhead, and boats underneath. This space had probably never been occupied before.
A photo from above the swing from the girders, showing folks at play, on the swing is Chicago photographer and EE fan, Saverio Truglia.
The Chicago Police came by boat and were equally befuddled. We told them we were art students. That always seems to be the best naive excuse that has gotten EE out of any sort of trouble. The day was too short but remarkable.
A new photo from the Darwin Stevens archive. He was there and snapped this color pic of a familiar angle.
Again, Darwin Stevens took this photo of Mike Smith taking a photo. These two photos were recently added to this archive in May, 2002. It lives!
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