Black Sheep Puppet Festival 2001

Black Sheep 2001 was a huge success, with EE taking its ancient astronaut show on the road and adapting it for the stage.
photographs byTom Dennehy and Mike Smith

Tom "The Bishop of Mars", gets "the eye" from the incomparable "Damon" from Pittsburgh's BullSeal collective.

Damon and Sabrina were the mc's of our night's performance.

We also watched BullSeal's late night show with much fun and amazement.

so, yeah, where are the puppets? Keep on going down.



Below, ancient astronaut "Jamie" plays quacaba while one of the "lintguys" takes a chill in the Luv Ewe Lounge.
Here, apparantly, the Bishop of Mars ascends the giant ladder of the Brewhouse to the secret roof chambers. The Pittsburgh skyline lies in the back.
Local talent and world legend Frankie Capri with Mr. Petey and the space monkey. What a priveledge, the original space monkey man!
Spongy the astronautical clown watches on.

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