Go Guerrilla! Presents:
Caught Guerrilla Handed in Chi-tow

As the documentation page for the show, I will use the press release sent out by Go Guerilla, people took photos, so if you have some, send em in and I'll post em here.
This was a great show, the street just happened to be blocked off, as they are in Chicago every summer, so EE marched into the street, set up and performed a drum, gaita, trombone and fire twriling show. A fire eater showed up as well, and we had the streets alive, the corner of Division and Kedzie!!
I can hopefully add some images here soon.

For Immediate Release: Contact: Cristina Delgado (773) 472-5917/ siechil@hotmail.com The Autonomous Zone azone@azone.org

On Saturday, August 11th at 5pm, Go Guerrilla! presents ìCaught Guerrilla Handed in Chi-townî at the Autonomous Zone, located at 3204 W. Division (Divison and Kedzie).

The multi-media vaudeville-esque event will feature a wide array of alternative video shorts, a puppet show, two musical acts, skits, free food, games, information, and participatory activities. Admission is eight dollars and doors open at 5:30pm. Go Guerrilla! is a non-elitist network of alienated wage slaves, community organizers, and media activists who seek to creatively promote social awareness and initiate social change. Started in Buffalo, NY in October of 1999, Go Guerrilla has held over 20 events in the Greater Buffalo Area, as well as, performed in Toronto.

While we prescribe to no particular political ideology, we believe the only hope for (a socially responsible) revolution lies in liberating public spaces and creating interactive dialogue. We do this by staging educational and entertaining multi-media screenings, non-elitist gatherings, and other spontaneous events that serve as a forum for the open exchange of ideas and self -expression. ìCaught Guerrilla Handedî will be GGís first show in Chicago and will feature video shorts from three alternative media collectives. The Toronto Video Activist Collective, a self described ìinformal affiliation of activists and video artists dedicated to changing the world through video.î, will be presenting a 45min program of new and old works.

Chicago based, Lumpen Media will present their newly completed pilot for TV called [TLVSNÅ]. The independent broadcast which will feature half-hour long programs of freeform televisual experiments. The pilot will be their ìfirst foray into subverting the cultural somnambulism of regular network television.î Lastly, Go Guerrilla! will present 30 mins. of short videos documenting Buffalo activism. The musical entertainment of the evening will provide two very distinct listing experiences. Erie, PAís Magnet 2 Metal is a dark, but endearing, electronic pop rock group formed in January of this year. Its members are Sarah G. Brown (the magnet) voice and programming and Aaron T. Davis (the metal) guitars and programming. Both members have worked solo and with many musical projects, such as Another Dead Sharon, Global Village Idiots, Lost Earth Lock, Casiophonic Marching Band, and Anton Fier before discovering each others passion for wearing one sock, electronic playfulness, and of course rock and roll. While Chicagoís own, The Honor System will play their emotionally and politically charged punk rock. . Asian Man Records released the Honor System's first full-length entitled Single File in 2000. Besides the video and musical portions of the evening, there will be many other activities and entertainment to be had.

Environmental Encroachment, the politically charged troop of puppeteers will grace the stage with a special theatrical performance. Featured in this yearís Puppetropolis festival, EE uses puppetry, costumes and music to bring political, environmental and social concerns into the open. Chuck Przybyl, a local photographer, is preparing a special multi-media installation to be unveiled at the event. A puppet-making contest will allow guests to try their hand puppeteering and an open Rant hour will allow them to openly express themselves concerning the ills of capitalism (or anything else). Audience participation will be encouraged and Vegetarian food will be served throughout the evening. All proceeds (after expenses) will go to benefit the Autonomous Zone. The Autonomous Zone is a collective space oriented towards creative community resistance and change.

The Autonomous Zone , http://www.azone.org
The Honor System , http://www.thehonorsystem.net
Chuck Przybyl , http://www.chuckphoto.com
Lumpen Media , http://www.lumpen.com
Environmental Encroachment, http://www.encroach.net

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