Puppetropolis Field Museum Performance

Photographs from the Puppetropolis 2001 Opening Event.

Photos by Alyce Henson

EE comes marching in, hoping to really affect some auience memtbers.

The ancient monolith stands tall, ready for the ancient astronauts of Ombah to awaken and enter. Space flight soon ensues..

puppet booth

ancient astronaut parade

EE is finally ready to happily enter the monolith, off, off to Fredonia!

Jeni, ex-EE, always EE, from Redmoon, performs on her contraption.

Setting up, shirt reads, "what

M.Smith doing some last minute untangling..

Phillipe Rodriguez-Jorda, who was in town puppeteering with Barbara Melois, prepares their show starring Mr. Pink.
Hey, its the Sears Tower.

Phillipe,Mr. Pink can straighten his own shirt out!

Puppets of the Sadari Theatre Company from Seoul, Korea.
More Seolstirs, hangin.
Here they are , the Sadari Theatre Company of Seoul Korea.

Ah, once again, Mr. Pink as Phillipe shows off his portrait.

come see the puppet show.................................................

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