Interactive Indoor Art Playground Installation

EE's first indoor playground installation and event was at 167 north Racine ave on the second floor in February, 1995. It consisted of both nets, the see-saw, Daves four person bike, the original saucer swing, drums, and walls lined with photos, documents, and artwork of past events. There were also projections of slides from installations. The Chicago Reader promoted the show with a feature on EE in the arts section, and many people came.
indoor art playground installation

The nets were installed with the smaller net over the bigger net, and pulled and warped into a unique and safe shape in the middle of the loft space, providing space for the other objects, and a track for the bikers to ride around.

We harvested weird weeds and made a film which was included in the projections. The harvested weeds were strewn about the installation, with other tree limbs and organic refuse, to remind us that they too, are urban.

The revolving see-saw could fit in, but not fully rotate. Also, one of our standing swings was installed as another added treat.
interactive see-saw sculpture, metal arts
swing, four-person bike, and nets at che luis gallery art installation The giant dome swing (from our previous swing installation on the 60 foot tower). Also the bike, the nets, and documentary photographs of EE outdoor installations fill the abandoned urban space turned guerilla gallery.
Dave's four person bike. One person steered in front, as three bikers provided the power from cranks on the back. All parts removed for easy shipment and assembly. We had it racing around the loft dangerously.
bike art, climbing art
artist welding bike art during exhibition Dave actually welding indoors to fix his four person bike, which eventually had drums and bells mounted on to become a moving, environmentally friendly, musical instrument.
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