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EE STORE and Merchandise Purchasing Links
(including Mantid Mania, and other Zines)


Link to Downloads thru Band Camp
Link to physical disc purchases thru CDBaby

2015- Four Original EE Songs on our EP.
Check it out on bandcamp.
Support Don Rupert.


Bunny XII

Audio CD 2012
Epic, 20 musician recording.

ee bunny 12 cd poster

Here is the link to buy on Band Camp:

raw cd

Cooked/Raw Live
Audio CD 2010
Live, Fun, song selections from 3 live shows in 2010.


raw cd

We have some archived audio of live shows dating back to the 1990's, so if you have a special request from our archive, put in a request, maybe we have it.


In honor of the ten year anniversary of the untimely death of EE's cofounder Dave Christensen, EE has produced a DVD of Some AWESOME footage:
Guerilla Art Installations, Urban Playgrounds, 1996
Click Here to See DVD playlist and order it today!


net installation art playground death

We have some archived video of shows dating back to the 1990's, so if you have a special request from our archive, put in a request, maybe we have it.

Zines and Print

Mantid Mania (zine)

A small 1/2 page 'zine' by M. Mantis Smith of EE, focussing on this marvelous insect, and fantastic stories and art. 5 folded full sheets, 20 total pages, with color cover and centerfold.

This project will consist of 8 themed Zines on the Praying Mantis over the course of 2 years.
8 issues Total. Issues and Back issues are for Education purposes.
A five dollar plus shipping donation is asked.

Issue #1 - Spring 2018 - ORIGINS ISSUE (available)
This issue features the controversial Ento and Entemology of the Mantid.
Table of Contents:
1 Cover: Santanmantis axelrodi
2 Inside Cover: Zinicus infoetum
3 Editor's Note, Table of Contents
4-5 Mantid Myth: First Documentations
6-7 Mantid Biology: Entomology Etymology
8-9 Personal Mantid: Charlemagne
10-11 CENTERFOLD: More Santanmantis axelrodi
12-13 Art and Culture: Ancient Mantid Art
14 Mantid Battleground: Mantis Kung Fu
15 Cartoon Page: Mickey and Marilyn
16-17 Bizarre Mantid: Alien Mantid Race
18 Raising Mantids: Hatching Oothecae
19 Inside Back Cover: Next Issue Primer
20 Back Cover: Coverericus extendium

Issue #2 - Summer 2018 - FEMME FATALE ISSUE (available)
The Mantis Sex act and its myth and metaphor are traced, with emphasis on the Surrealist Artists 1930's Paris and its Praying Mantis Iconography. Amazing issue~!
Table of Contents:
1. Cover: art by Dominguez
2. Inside Cover: Zinicus infoetum
3. Editor's Welcome, and Table of Contents
4-5 Mantid Myth: Femme Fatale Mantid Muse
6-7 Mantid Biology: Sex and Science?
8-9 Personal Mantid: Scholarship report
10-11 Centerfold: art by Ernst
12-13 Art and Culture: Mantids and the Surrealist Artists
14 Mantid Battleground: Coital Assassin
15 Surreal Cartoons: Escher / Masson
16-17 Bizarre Mantid: Alien God Mother or Sexual Assassin?
18 Raising Mantids: Breeding Dangerous
19 Inside Back Cover: ART CREDITS
20 Back Cover: Covericum estendum


2017 Art Poster.
EE long portrait
by Rob Soller

Image coming soon (its a cool little poster~!)


Our first EE Art Print still available.
The EE Ouijee Board.
by Kevin O'Rourke

environmental encroachment ouiji board

This is an amazingly detailed print, showing EE as a bunny marching band, with all our favorite characters; aliens, yeti, carrots, and lots of mystic symbols.

The print is promoting our whole-year's upcoming theme: BUNNY-12.

Price is $30, plus shipping in a tube.

Poster is 18 x 24 inches (nice and big for details!)
2-color hand screened print
Signed and numbered,
Limited, single edition of 212 prints

Art by Kevin O'Rourke:
Printed at Screwball Press:




EE T-shirts available in various colors and sizes xs - xxl

We also have T-shirts which have our old school logo, as well as the 'magic circus' logo on black T-shirts and tank tops, please e-mail us for availability.


American Apparel panties
BLACK with white logo, trim and band
xs - large, May 2011


image coming soon, its a simple black ee logo on a mirrored silver 1 inch button.

1 dollar


band stickers

Bunny 12 Mayan Calendar
A Large, truly amazing detailed sticker by artist Rob Solar, also Bookmark size Chicago personalities bunny line-up,
Black ink on white background
dimensions: 6 inches diameter.
$5 includes shipping


orange patch white patch



group bunny shot

8 x 10 press image. nice glossy prints. They have our name in the white border along the bottom and our contact info, a slick promo and press photo: $5.00 at shows, or $5 plus a few dollars to ship. We have these with band member signatures available too.

We have some vintage posters from some of our shows. Descriptions and prices are under each image.

group bunny shot

11.5 x 17.5 inches on nice antique, thick paper. These were from our epic Sousaphenia festival recently at Martyrs'. Awesome bands listed here! Price is ten dollars plus shipping. Please contact us if interested.

Zipper Pulls and Bottle Openers

ee zipper pull merchandise
One Inch diameter, with closing clasp. Perfect size for zippers: $1.
(sold out, May 2011)

ee bottle opener
Two inch diameter. These are really great functional openers with key ring attached on back: $2.


There is no ORDER FORM, e-mail me and tell me what you want.


Postage rates:

  • All orders shipped via US Postal Service, unless requested otherwise.
  • US : $2 first item, 50 cents each additional (add $2 for priority mail)
  • Canada/Mexico (surface): $3 first item, $1 each additional
  • World (surface): $4 first item, $1.50 each additional
  • World (Air) : please call or e-mail for quote
  • Insurance : please add $1 to total
  • We accept cash, checks, or money orders in US currency, ONLY.
  • From overseas, send an international money order or US dollars in a registered envelope (for security).
  • We cannot be held responsible for uninsured parcels which are lost or damaged.
  • All checks and money orders should be made payable to Environmental Encroachment, and mailed to:

    Environmental Encroachment
    2137 West Chicago Avenue
    Apt CH - Coach House
    Chicago, IL 60622

environmental encroachment artist marching band
Environmental Encroachment press photo
Photo by WD Worden, altered by Dan Merlo
*For high resolution (300 dpi) download, click here

BOOKING INFO : encroach((at))mindspring((dot))com


Older Press Photos
ee bunny band group photo

Environmental Encroachment studio promo shot
February 2009

Photo by Joe Storch, Art Director Dan Merlo

old ee press shots Environmental Encroachment studio promo shot for the Electric Bunny Tour, 2006-7,
Photo by Dan Merlo

For higher resolution for press or print purposes contact us

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