UnderShorts Film Festival
EE Marching Band and Caterpillar
July 26, 2003

Saturday, July 26

The UnderShorts Film Festival at the Congress Theater!
2135 N. Milwaukee Ave

Photographs courtesy of www.SaverioTruglia.com.

Undershorts Film Festival Chicago

Congress Theater, Chicago performance for Undershorts Film Festival
see the exit bay of doors at the lower right and left: this place is GIGANTIC!

The Official UnderShorts Web Site

Live at the Congress Theater!
Live at the Congress Theater! The UnderShorts Film Festival! The Caterpillar invades the street fair on Rockwell.

entering Congress theater in giant backpack puppet costume
Caterpillar going in for a drink.

gaint caterpillar and worm attendants
Watch out for that tongue piercing!

Historic Lobby Theater Chicago costume
The Lobby is rockin with the full marching band and caterpillar costume/puppet.

4 person caterpillar back pack puppet, back-pack puppetry
The probiscus can sense the popcorn nearby.

Caterpillar backpack puppet structure in action
What song are we doing again? Trombonists and tuba players reside inside, making some great sounds.

Lortie family photograph, Congress Theater
The Lortie Family portrait. How Cool!

Renee Torres, Flower costume for EE show
Renee as a flower.

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