Science of Fear
Haunted House and Exhbition

Environmental Encroachment at the Science of Fear exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry, October 1998
photos by Alyce Hensen
Raquelita the polka dot zombie and conga player.
Zombie cowbell maniac, Ben Ropp
The Bigman making his first appearance with EE, with Flip Flopsy playing haunted bass in back.
On the move, Whitey.
Bruce, of Toalitas and Ulele fame, lays it down.
El Guiro, making the ultimate EE sacrifice.
Los Congueros, Raquelita y El Guiro.
Flip Flopsy.
A shot of TJ scaring the heck out of some unsuspecting passers by, notice the screams of fear, caught in action. The noise was near deafening percussion and bass, with live screams. TJ suspended himself and lurched over people. He was "flooring" the most of any EE scarers, he also caused one case of poopy pants.
More haunts.
Swingin in low and fast and loud.
Don't need to say a thing, thats scary enough.
TJ, voted the year's most valuable scarer.
The terror continues.
TJ finally meets his match, and is hypnotized by a real spirit.
Ready for the late night partying.

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