PLAYOPOLIS Art Playground
Site-specific, interactive art installation

"Playopolis" was EE's second New Year's Eve, eve show, held on December 30th, 1995. This was an art happening, which included a cryptic map as a flyer to the show. The show was in a remote location in Chicago, which could really only be accessed by foot, or possibly four-wheel drive. It was a giant concrete slab, overgrown with trees and stumps of trees in the cracks. There was a large viaduct of concrete, with trees on top of that, to provide perfect bases for our come-alongs and suspended nets and anchors. We had our first show at this same site a year earlier, and wanted this show to be even bigger, with more stuff and people.

This was a massive art installation, performance, and inter-active happening. Snow had fallen, and we all had the feeling of children playing in virgin snow, on giant rides and toys!

We hung both cargo nets nets (40x25 and 20x20 ft),
EE's hand-held and drop into net zipline was about 45 feet
A new "gondoa" zipline which spanned 100+ feet,
Drums and steel drums and instruments
Dave's revolving, and moveable (on casters) see-saw
Dave's four-person drum bike

We made a great home movie of the whole event, available at the "buy EE stuff" section of this website. The show drew about fifty people, and as usual for an EE show, the weather somehow managed to be warm.

art playground installation This photo shows the elaborate net hangings and the gondola in action. One would climb the wall, then the tree, then build up the courage to zing down.
Action shot of gondola rider Jay Laubscher. To experience this show, you really must see the video. The camera changed hands many times, so that lots of viewpoints were covered. The show was our biggest success and most ambitious installation. As the sun set, we started a fire in a pit.
zip line kinetic interactive art landscapes
I will be adding more photos to this page later, MS.  

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