Environmental Encroachment
at the Democratic National Convention in 1996.

This protest art involved two costumed politicians, an elephant and a donkey. They each rode ends of a see-saw with the white house in the middle. There is also a smoke stack plume of toxic waste being generated out of the white house. We had this see saw up during the 1996 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

EE also took its drum bicycle out for the huge parade down Ashland and Lake to the infamous "protest pit".
Pictures of this will be coming soon.

Elephant and Donkey in Grant Park, readying for the see-saw.
Donkey gets on see-saw, which rolls, rotates, and has a smokestack burning effigy of the White House. Its all fun and games.
A Nice shot of the White House and the base of teh see-saw, it rolls on casters and rotates on a joint at the top ot the tripod. The See-saw also breaks down into a bunch of poles for transport. We thought we would throw in some red white and blue camo paint as well.
The ride is quite fun.
Young Repuplican?
the towers of power.
A nice Chicago day at the protest lectures in Grant Park.

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