Sharkstock 3:
Wesley Kimler Art Studio
EE @ Artopolis Party
With Big City Strings
Chicago, IL, April 26, 2008

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sharkstock wesley kimler artopolis chicago

trombone tricks juggler artopolis chicago mca

marching band artopolis chicago

SharkStock 3: Environmental Encroachment Marching Band!

Thank You to Wesley Kimler for opening up his amazing studio for such a great party. It was fantastic to play under the huge canvases, colossal collages, and the awesome FAB-TEK hoist machine (orange in back-ground)!

Each year, Chicago hosts a big art event, known as Artopolis, or formerly, Art Chicago. 300 galleries are in from around the world, as well as many internationally renown artists, organizations, and dealers. Freaky artists do it up right.


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Photos courtesy of Becky and Hazel

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