Post Honk Tour
In Washington Square Park
and With Hungry March Band
NYC Decompression
New York City Tour, October 10-18, 2007

honk festival boston, parading bunny trombone and drums
EE hanging out with March Fourth, Hungry March Band, and Pink Puffers
Washington Square Park

quacaba playing at honk fest parade, boston harvard square 2007

killer danger bunny scary rabbit darko
New York City Decompression
at the Queens Mueseum of Art
with Hungry March Band!

glam trombone rock star bunny music
EE gettin crazy with Hungry March Band

rabbits needing ride to new york trombone

Baritoner Jimmy Fingers on saxaphone, saxiphone

furry hula hooping bunny

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Environmental Encroachment started bringing "music" into the streets, abandoned buildings, forests, bridges, etc, in around 1996. We started using drumming, and soon added brass. In 1998 EE performed in the country's largest haunted house. The house including the exhibit were held at the "Science of Fear" exhibit at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. Music and Costumes were integrated into a built environment in order to entertain, and scare.

In 1997, EE travelled to San Francisco and participated in the site-specific carnviale, "Defenestration". A marching band was formed by Peter Kadyk, Patrick Kadyk, Anah Coates, Norman Ruthorford, and many more. The event was documented by Christian White. EE had four shows in collaboration with San Francisco artists in which envionmental playgrounds were build, costumes worn, music made, and other art forms such as dance, projection and shadow puppetry became involved.

EE started marching when we came back to Chicago from San Francisco, maybe before? Marches could be both spontaneous and also themed for after-show/parties. EE encroached with forrays into Wicker Park, or Burning Man, as well as paid performances at events such as NASCAR and Lollapalooza.

Honkfest was a dream come true. Bands being site-specific. Bands using fashion, dance, humor as well as musical mediums. Bands using themselves to spread visions. Bands unifying to develop other humans, to inspire them. Patient teachers. Like-mindedness.

Environmental Encroachment was able to bring nine members to Honkfest. If you don't remember us: Bobby Danger-Sousaphone, Mikey Smith-t-bone, Dan Mello-t-bone, Leslie-a.sax, JLobst-trumpet.., BargeeBus-vox/trumpet, misterPetey-drums,quac, Carlos-drums,quacs, Blake-drums.

Electronic music, everyone being a dj, the record industry, the bureaucracy, and various chaotic elements are driving some to develop a raw sense of musicianship, of jazz, of the human element! Brass and drum music has been part of American music forever, and continues to cycle through these times with a vengeance just gearing up.


Environmental Encroachment (EE)
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