Death of Wicker Park Costumed Parade

September 11, 1998, EE took to the streets for the Around the Coyote festival. EE marched up Milwaukee, with the usual stops, such as Myopic Books, Joe always seems to be there, (we have some great film footage). I don't know where this photo came from, as far as I know, its the only photo from this event.

I will try and dig up more. It was kind of a joke with the trombone section acting like it was getting on the bus. Ha Ha. EE went on to do a show at the still there, Phylis's Musical Inn. The show was a syccees, although Jevin cracked his head on a metal pole. He took it like a man.

There is mr q, jevin, mr. bret and m. smith, all in full death march regalia. It was and is amazing the amount of establishments that wicker park artists grew up with are gone now, including active pets. I dont really care if that pawn shop bites it though.

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