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EE players

our never-checked myspace site - does have some free live music....
Environmental Encroachment on Wikipedia
Dan Merlo Photography www.merlophotography.com
Chicago Hoop lessons and workshops from Mike Smith and Petey Mueller
Kate Riegle Van -West's poi page: www.spinpoi.com
Poi and Flag spinning lessons and Workshops from Kate Riegle - van West
Adam Clark's Mobile Bike Repair Business: Pedal to the People www.pedaltothepeople.com
Robin Barcus, Sculpture, performnace www.robinbarcus.com
Bret Lortie's home page www.lortie.net
Jeni Swerdlow's drummm page www.drummm.com
Josiah Olson:
Chicago Massage Therapy

Bands we support

March Fourth Marching Band
Like-minded street Marching Band- Portland
Hungry March Band
Like-minded street Marching Band- Brooklyn
Rude Mechanical Orchestra
Like-minded street Marching Band- Brooklyn
Minor Mishap Marching Band
-freak Austin marching band
Detroit Party Marching Band
-Detroit's finest
Chaotic Noise Marching Corps
-Seattle marching band
Titanium Sporkestra
-Seattle marching band
Out of Round Records (SF)
Hazy Loper and DownRIver
Conspiracy of Beards
All Male Leonard Cohen Men's Choir
Chicago Aissawa Project http://drumface.wordpress.com/chicago-aissawa/
Second Line Social and Pleasure Society Brass Band www.slsaps.org
The Amoreys (trombone Rich's band) www.amoreys.com
Bernie Worrell, Prime Minister of Funk www.bernieworrell.com
The Bolting Brassicas Marching Band


Ben Hume, Jay Laubshcer
and The Listeners (NYC)

Topless Humans Organized for Natural Genetics
Dream Circus from LA
EE march buddies at Lollapalooza
Billy X. Curmano, swam Mississippi, performance artist, friend since Cleveland Performance Art Fest days. . . . www.billycurmano.com
LA Jesus, our rock-star parade savior
Its great that he's doing a residency in Chi!
Bullseal, Pittsburgh
Big Daddy, Sabrina, and a full collective of performers
www.bullseal.org RIP?
The Piano Peddler - great technology site www.pianopeddler.com
Survival Research Laboratories
roboticists and performance artists
Tim Kaulen and IAC Walking Robot www.dcldesign.net/walkingstickrocket/
Tim Kaulen and IAC STAG sculpture www.geocities.com/~js_iac/pages/site_work/deer/deer_photo.html
Paul Zaloom, puppeteer from Hollywood, CA
compadre from Puppetropolis - 2002
the hugest of inspiration!
Yuval Awazu
makes bicycles and related art
Carol Ann Rak, fashion designer
super-weaver from Western PA.
Eric Newman's furniture design www.hhuman.com
Barbara Melois - vive la France! http://barbara.melois.free.fr/creations.htm

Festivals and Events


HONK West: Seattle www.honkfestwest.com
HONK Texas www.honktx.com
Honk Festival Honkfest for national street bands!
One or our favs!
Houston Art Car Parade www.orangeshow.org
Michigan Peace and Music Festival www.michiganpeacefest.com
Chicago Peace and Hemp Festival www.myspace.com/peaceandhempfest
SOURCE - Maui www.sourcemaui.com
Burning Man www.burningman.com



* Black Sheep Puppet Festival, Pittsburgh
Puppeteers of America http://www.puppeteers.org
Miss Pussycat from 9th Ward, Nawlins http://www.quintronandmisspussycat.com
Interview with Miss Pussycat http://www.encroach.net/info/puppetry/puppetry_miss_pussycat.html
** Combustible Puppet Cabaret
Bread and Puppet homepage http://www.gpdesigns.com/puppets/
KneeHigh Puppeteers, Australia
friends from Pittsburgh, amazing show.
History of Puppetry Info http://www.theaterseatstore.com/history-of-puppetry
More History of Puppetry info http://www.bransonshows.com/articles/PuppetShowsHistoryofthePuppet.htm
Puppet Uprising festival, Philly www.puppetuprising.org

Cultural Resources


Lumpen - Chicago www.lumpen.com
Ten by Ten Magaizine, Chicago www.tenbyten.net (RIP)
POPSMEAR Magazine, NYC www.popsmear.com
AZone, chicago http://www.azone.org (RIP)

Music Resources


Musical Instrument Maker's Forum Links http://mimf.com/link2.htm
Video Equipment in Pennsylvania http://www.viewpointrentals.com
Online Trombone Journal http://www.trombone.org

other Resources


creative reuse warehouse, chitown www.resourcecenterchicago.org
ex-Cyclopean ellipsoid cam (chicago) http:/way too long of a ur1
Water Filters and Health www.waterfilterreview.com
Chicago (Ravenswood) Zen Buddhist Temple www.ZenBuddhistTemple.org
POPSMEAR Magazine, NYC www.popsmear.com

Research and Science


Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists www.bullatomsci.org
Real Time Earthquake report http://neic.usgs.gov/neis/bulletin/bulletin.html
Potentially Hazardous Asteroids http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov/neo/pha.html
Operational Significant Event Imagery www.osei.noaa.gov
Space Weather Bureau www.spaceweather.com
Malin Space Science Systems Home Page www.msss.com
Museum of Jurassic Technology www.mjt.org/index.html
Space Weather http://neic.usgs.gov/neis/bulletin/bulletin.html



  EFF Archives www.eff.org/links.html
  web based e-mail www.mail2web.com

Site's Designers and Contributors


Mike Smith, cofounder of ee and web content
I host, update, and do day to day stuff on the site
Kate Riegle - van West
Designer for logo and graphics
Christian White, movies, graphics, and wizardry www.christianwhite.com
Fred Hickler, Fisheye Graphics, flash and video www.fisheyeworld.com
Alyce Henson Photography www.alycehenson.com
Joe Storch and Dan Merlo - FAB photo www.fabphotochicago.com
Saverio Truglia Photography www.saveriotruglia.com
Bret Lortie, Urizen Creative: co-webmaster www.lortie.net

Supernatural Sites


Burning Mirrors www.mcs.drexel.edu/~crorres/Archimedes/Mirrors/Tzetzes.html
Easter Bunny gone wrong, you tube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnXR5Baq0X8
Ancient Tombs in Illinois? http://www.illinoiscaves.com
Huang-ti: Extraterrestrial Emperor? www.parascope.com/articles/1297/huangti.htm

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Environmental Encroachment (EE)
Copyright ©1996-2012
M Smith, Chicago IL 60622

Cooked/Raw Live
Audio CD 2010
Live, Fun, song selections from 3 live shows in 2010.


raw cd

We have some archived audio of live shows dating back to the 1990's, so if you have a special request from our archive, put in a request, maybe we have it.


In honor of the ten year anniversary of the untimely death of EE's cofounder Dave Christensen, EE has produced a DVD of Some AWESOME footage:
Guerilla Art Installations, Urban Playgrounds, 1996
Click Here to See DVD playlist and order it today!


net installation art playground death

We have some archived video of shows dating back to the 1990's, so if you have a special request from our archive, put in a request, maybe we have it.


Announcing our first EE Art Print!
The EE Ouijee Board.
by Kevin O'Rourke

environmental encroachment ouiji board

This is an amazingly detailed print, showing EE as a bunny marching band, with all our favorite characters; aliens, yeti, carrots, and lots of mystic symbols.

The print is promoting our whole-year's upcoming theme: BUNNY-12.

Price is $30, plus shipping in a tube.

Poster is 18 x 24 inches (nice and big for details!)
2-color hand screened print
Signed and numbered,
Limited, single edition of 212 prints

Art by Kevin O'Rourke: www.crownvicproductions.com
Printed at Screwball Press: www.screwballpress.com




EE T-shirts available in various colors and sizes xs - xxl

We also have T-shirts which have our old school logo, as well as the 'magic circus' logo on black T-shirts and tank tops, please e-mail us for availability.


American Apparel panties
BLACK with white logo, trim and band
xs - large, May 2011


Various styles and colors of rabbit ears, available on headband or custom hats. Bunny up!

$5.00 for headband ears
$10.00 - $20.00 for custom hat


band stickers

Bunny 12 Mayan Calendar
A Large, truly amazing detailed sticker by artist Rob Solar, also Bookmark size Chicago personalities bunny line-up,
Black ink on white background
dimensions: 6 inches diameter.
$5 includes shipping


orange patch white patch



group bunny shot

8 x 10 press image. nice glossy prints. They have our name in the white border along the bottom and our contact info, a slick promo and press photo: $5.00 at shows, or $5 plus a few dollars to ship. We have these with band member signatures available too.

We have some vintage posters from some of our shows. Descriptions and prices are under each image.

group bunny shot

11.5 x 17.5 inches on nice antique, thick paper. These were from our epic Sousaphenia festival recently at Martyrs'. Awesome bands listed here! Price is ten dollars plus shipping. Please contact us if interested.

Zipper Pulls and Bottle Openers

ee zipper pull merchandise
One Inch diameter, with closing clasp. Perfect size for zippers: $1.
(sold out, May 2011)

ee bottle opener
Two inch diameter. These are really great functional openers with key ring attached on back: $2.


There is no ORDER FORM, e-mail me and tell me what you want.


Postage rates:

  • All orders shipped via US Postal Service, unless requested otherwise.
  • US : $2 first item, 50 cents each additional (add $2 for priority mail)
  • Canada/Mexico (surface): $3 first item, $1 each additional
  • World (surface): $4 first item, $1.50 each additional
  • World (Air) : please call or e-mail for quote
  • Insurance : please add $1 to total
  • We accept cash, checks, or money orders in US currency, ONLY.
  • From overseas, send an international money order or US dollars in a registered envelope (for security).
  • We cannot be held responsible for uninsured parcels which are lost or damaged.
  • All checks and money orders should be made payable to Environmental Encroachment, and mailed to:

    Environmental Encroachment
    2137 West Chicago Avenue
    Apt CH - Coach House
    Chicago, IL 60622

environmental encroachment artist marching band
Environmental Encroachment press photo
Photo by WD Worden, altered by Dan Merlo
*For high resolution (300 dpi) download, click here

BOOKING INFO : encroach((at))mindspring((dot))com


Older Press Photos
ee bunny band group photo

Environmental Encroachment studio promo shot
February 2009

Photo by Joe Storch, Art Director Dan Merlo

old ee press shots Environmental Encroachment studio promo shot for the Electric Bunny Tour, 2006-7,
Photo by Dan Merlo

For higher resolution for press or print purposes contact us

Environmental Encroachment (EE)
Copyright ©1996-2013
M. Smith, - Chicago IL 60622