Outdoor guerilla art playground installation

updated 11-11-00 with new found photos from Pat Kadyk and M. Smith

On December 20, 1994 was EE's first show as EE. One net was elevated amongst trees growing over a huge concrete slab. Dave, Deron and Steve are in the background as well as our friend the double dinosaur bridge (see swing section). The area was the same huge tract that EE continued to explore and use for playground installations. The bridge in the distance goes over the South branch of the Chicago River.

The net was found, along with a bigger net, in an abandoned building which are now condos on May and Fulton streets. They were used as safety nets for a sandblasting business and are truly industrial strength.
Once suspended, friend and invitees came to the show. Also installed were the EE see-saw and drums for music during the event. Climbing and riding and playing music and exploring the desolate urban turf.
About twenty five people eventually showed up on an amazingly warm day and had a blast, except for when our friend Peter got carried away and threw himself out of the net. He did a complete back flip and landed flat on his back on the concrete slab, with all sorts of stumps around him. He stood up, laughed, exclaimed that his body was freaking out. Two people on site were massage therapists, inspected him, and miraculously he had no broken bones. Peter also happens to be an amazing dancer and acrobat. It was truly a blessed miracle that he was not hurt, and taught EE to learn foolproof net suspension methods so that no one could fall out again. It was an amazing experience.
Just before he fell, drummers were playing and there were about six of us in the net, shaking it, dancing and having the time of our lives. In fact, a large flock of birds gathered and hovered over us for quite a while. It was magical.
Here is the EE see-saw, which was on casters and could roll, as well as spin on its axis, as well as go up and down. It all came apart into poles which bolted together. Portability was a goal of EE's playgroung equipment, with the nets folding up small as well. Downtown Chicago is visible in the background. On the see saw are Jeff Fitzsimmons and Greg Willis, with Deron Cavalettii providing the muscle in the base tripod to roll it around on the slab.
Here's a shot of Deron Cavaletti, now of CONSPIRACY OF BEARDS fame, in San Francisco/Oakland) on the see saw with again, the bridge monster in the background.
. .and a shot of Dave hoisting himself airborne.
Photographer M. Smith rides with Tanya Hammond.
Pat Kadyk, guest artist appearance. These next seven photos are photos Pat has recently sent me for web publication. Enjoy. Here Pat rides see saw, hey wait a minute, who took this photo?
The see saw in its glory, with the hazy city lurking.
The matrix, no the net.
Unidentified party goer that day, or is it?
And finally, a great three portrait set of the legendary Dave Christensen.

"Looks good, lets hang the zipline"
"Hey Smith, move that carabiner."
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