Freakeasy 2nd Anniversary Freakin' Ball
METRO, Chicago
November 26, 2010

"The Freakeasy 2nd Anniversary Freakin' Ball"
  featuring your Host of Hosts - "That Guy"

Friday, November 26th, @ The Metro, Chicago
8 p.m. until 4 a.m., 18+, $20
Freakeasy 'Devil's Night' Ticketholders get in FREE!
Freakin' Music
A Deee-licious LadyDJ/Artist we cannot name just yet! [a legendary freaker]
Radiohiro & MC Zulu
Brad Miner
Justin Reed
Good Evening - Live Stage Set
Environmental Encroachment - Live Stage Set

Freakin' Video, Freakin' Sound, and Freakin' Lighting
Video Janitor
Merkaba Visuals
PCS Lighting [Nexus BRC]

Freakin' Dance, Performance, Installs & Live Art
Zac Franzoni
Chris Breedlove's Spleen
Burners Without Borders
Ronit Mitchell
Scott Bullock
Iris - simultaneous ambidextrous painting
Feral Minette
Talia Sassounnes
Raecyn Forcia
Jolie Roberson - Tribal Bellydancer
Amy J Designs
Audio Reolae Interactive Sound Install
John Sacelli
David Hillborn
The Freakeasy Blacklight Gallery and Lounge
(install by Janelle Cooper, Dante Bliss - feat. Ellie Sorokin, Gaea, Melissa Bruck, BeeBop, Jasper, Kaikou Designs)
Brilliantlymad - event photography
Sean Tron
Jody Cox
Mister Vibe
That Guy

Freakin' line-up additions and changes announced daily


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