The Cyclopean Ellipsoid 2002— the rebuilding

In early spring of 1999, EE members set out to find a special ceremonial site amongst the hard urban landscape for summer activities. We found a powerful geomantic site near Chicago's unknown 12th street beach, with the Planetarium on one side and Meigs Field on the other. "Cyclopean" means to build with boulders. "Ellipsoid" is the strongest geometrical solid. Link to the original Cyclopean Ellipsoid 1999 page.

After the Cyclopean Ellipsoid was razed by the city inspector for beaches (they also closed the beach due to ecoli), EE members and others still went down to the space for solace.

Now, in 2002, full moons will be spent down there, with our inagural ceremony being a cold but big success.

Here are the photos.

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Photos by Darwin Stevens.

Billy Curmano, TJ Darwin, yatzik, ms mike smith, billy x. curmano, yazik, and darwin stevens, early to build up the structure on a cold, cold day in early May.
We did manage to bring wood and start a fire.
The weird old street lamp structure. Probably an old lamp from some lost and forgotton historic neighborhood in Chicago.

The fatefull, "see-saw" incident, girl fell, ended up OK, but be careful when you play, and don't drink.

notice the full moon in most of these photos.

Keeping clave on cowbell, wearing gloves, parka and wool cap, Mike Smith jams on the Congo Carnivale as Yazik puts mustard on his freshly cooked dog.
Balancing stones seems to be a new thing at the Cyclopean.
The crowd thickens, amazingly, as the moon shines. The moon was a lot brighter than these photos indicate.
With Katherine Chronos in the foreground, ee members the Lorties and Mike Smith keep a good Egyptian rhythm going.
More jammin in the inspired cold.

One more hot dog for the road. Stay tuned for more from the Cyclopean Ellipsoid. It is a great outdoor space and EE may try to have a show there this summer again.

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