Black Sheep Puppet Festival
Environmental Encroachment Tour 2000

Group shot to start, these photos are only the beginning of the photos and media that should be rolling in soon from the official documentarians. These photos are from Scott Larsen's disposable point ant shoot.
Group shot taken in Pittsburgh befor the Tofishy show. Left to Right, Dr. Calimari, Qfishy, Sawfishy, Jeni, Flip-flopsy, Tina, Jamie, dr. Gneemu, Bret, and Larry Fishmu.
Pittsburgh will never be the same.

Rare photo from the forgotten show, our Kent Ohio stop at the Mantis Gallery, which is operated by some cool artists. We did the show with only four of us and little time to set up, it turned out quite quaint.
Music was much more minimal, with sometimes only one musician. I would suggest booking at the Mantis for the experience, the crowd was small but very cool and appreciative. Devo and legendary punk rockers played across the street at the legendary but now defunct JB's.

The climax of our Kent show and the first unveiling of Tofishy! Man Tofishy can step to the Rhumba. Tofishy made some friends and then it was off to Pittsburgh.

Jeni, and her ever-evolving cyberlab assistant costume, with working hydraulic "smart breasts" and robotic fluid dispensers, every lab should have one!

Notice the license plate of the squidbot at the lober left. We're still waiting for some good pics of the ole squidbot, voted best word of the 2000 Black Sheep Festival.

Dr. Calimari and Qfishy! What will the DNA splicers think up next. Dr. Calimari's therimin playing and Qfishy's quacaba playing helped to lure and coerce the Sulfuric worms into submission. Sound waves travel better if your associated with water don't ya know.
Sawfishy, seen here doing his morning Tai-Chi.
Bret, the man inside the sulfuric vent worm.
Poseiden's bride shows up to root for Tofishy.
It got kind of sentimental with the squidbot. Or is that saucy? Check those fins out on the squidbot!
The Reverend Larry behind the scenes
Orangefishy, with more Tai Chi moves.
Satan's minios seen in Rick Rock's apartment.
EE helped by performing as Satan's minions for Rick Bach's puppet show starring Liz Hammond as Princess Unattainable. Rick wanted his strings pulled.
A fine shot of EE'ers under the famed "Singing Bridge of Sharpsburg". The bridge makes weird ambient rhythms and noises as cars go by, accompanied and recorded by EE with Therimin, Trombone, and Drums. The millworkers across the tracks were ready to bust out their exotic noise instuments and try out some John Cage compositions.
A different perspective on the Singing Bridge.
Artist Tim Kaulen's giant blow up recycled fiberglass sign puppet outside the Brewhouse theatre. It is magnificent.
Oh my! The legendary Frankie Capri, performing for hours as the last act of the Puppet Fest and causing the outbreak of a night's worth of mayhem and extreme expression. This guy is a must see relic of century. That night was one of the more insane nights ever witnessed and capped off another amazing festival, packed to the lid with great entertainment, fun, puppets, kids, adults acting like kids in a good way, and art. Put it on your list of things to see for next year, Frankie and EE are already booked.
One more shot of the squidbot, tentacles taken off shoot out and if you can look closely, you can see Brainy puppet at the steering wheel.
After the show party with M. Smith smashing Rob's G4 accidently during a pinata attempt.
Superheros unite!
Our departing shot, loading a compact squidbot.

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