Earth Day 2003 Performance
Environmental Encroachment
People's Market, Evanston IL

4/12-Earth Day Performance 2-4pm
People's Market, 1111 Chicago Ave, Evanston IL

Thanks for coming to the show everyone, and for these photos, Alyce, Jordan and Sarah.

The horn section dressed up in a carrot, pumpkin, and grape outfits, while the therimin player and percussionists were farmers and druids. Renee and Robin were dancing sprites. We marched through the supermarket, did a Clash song, everybody dance now, and some of our more ethnic favorites. The market has never been rocked so hard.

1st ten photos by Alyce Henson.

next Photos by Jordan Karol.

sorry, this page may take some time to download the fifteen photos, but its worth it. These are some KILLER PHOTOS!

carrot costume, grape, pumpkin, forest druid, sexy bunny, cuban farmers

whitey carrot larson and robin rabbit barcus

dancing grapes and carrot

Eduardo the de Soignee the cuban farmer/conguero

funky carrot earth day dance

champagne grape dancer

champagne grapes jump for joy, (with clave)

creative use of the electric shopping cart

Robin looking very fine

carrot and pumkin horn section

Easter bonnet and carrot costume

These next photos by Jordan Karol.

costumed band performance for earth day

David Marine, forest druid theremin player
The ancient druid brings out a therimin! Does this mean our ancient ancestors had therimins?

produce costume and farmer parade at People's Market, Evanston , Earth Day celebration 2003

Let's march! EE hits up the free samples of the many funkified vendors and their happy to be given away goodies.

earth day Environmental Encroachment band shot
The gang getting funky. Check out the super rat and the carrot on two horns!

Arturo Aravic and Miguelito Bembe bang out the Rhumba Guaguanco
Grapes, Arturo, and the Congo.

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