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MCA Solstice Festival 1999

Start at the sun
Point of heat
Move slowly through inner planets
Warmed by radiation
Touch comets, asteroids of metal
To the cold of the outer world

The solstice moves all
To rhythms like these

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group shot in park

john, whitey and rachelle action shot

tj in 10 foot tall costume

Mercury, Mister Petey

star and sunshine

Venus drawing our skychart


mythology of Uranus

comet Sache

mars, not warlike

Holst's Planets was never quite like this

Bones in heaven

New photos from Flanagan, added May 2002

EE performed a solstice ritual. We all dressed like one of several familiar celestial bodies, including all the planets of our solar system, comets, meteors, the sun and moon. We marched through the museum, then out to the front steps to perform a solstice ritual.

Our ritual included drawing a sky chart in the manner of vevers.

We also played out the myth of how Uranus fell prey to Venus and was castorated. All in all, it was an amazing day and great performance for the MCA's 24-hour festival.

tj, you can't really see that woman's face, but she likes it.

TJ, aka Darwin, showed up as some random sky god with a huge costume. These photos, recently found, are courtesy of Darwin's friend Flanagan.

I forgot whose fire truck that is, i think Charles Ray, Rey?, who was having a show at the MCA, it was fun to see the people react to either our parade, and/or the nude life-like self portrait of Charles Ray as a having sex with other Charles Ray mannequins, all this for the kids to see.

The Ray exhibit was funded by our government to see that pornographic scene, which conceptually was interesting, but was certainly nothing to look at, and questionable for youthful audiences.

On the other hand, ee, which funds itself, made hundreds of kids feel great, while educating them and having fun with the planets. The MCA wouldn't even validate our parking passes. My point is that ee deserved better treatment, and Charles Ray should forfeit has public money for bad art to EE.


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