Sacred Geometry, Poi, Hoop, Music
creating Creation Environments
for trans-dimensions and healing

This page contains notes functioning as a research page on sacred geometry, and its relationship to music, trance, meditation, music, the circle of fifths, breathing, meditation, mindset, activity involving circles (like poi and hooping), symbology, vibrational waves, love, healing, transcendental travel, dimensionsal environments, movement and answers to creation.

flower of life sacred poi

Pages with images devoted to sacred geometry:

Topics of Research:

1. Sacred spirals, whirling dervishes, dna, vibrational medicine, light polarity (from Essenes?).
These spirals are created in nature due to specific laws; laws of creation, of building.

2. Symbols of Geometry as linguistic patterns, created as language, from vibrational soundings, semiotics, the natural symbols represent these sounds and form a code.

The symbols are created by sound and may cast dimensional shadows that also act as a language or code: an alphabet of these symbols.

Cymatics, Syntactics and Phonosemantics.

3. Activities to create geometry: sacred architecture, installation, poi spinning, hoop arts.
Buckminster Fuller used certain laws, advanced certain concepts in order to create stronger, more efficient geometrical shapes and structure.
Spinning poi or hoops around oneself is another example of creating geometrical forms about oneself in an active manner, often to music, requiring steady, or patterned breath to achieve more perfect results.

4. Spinning tetrahedrons: merkaba.
Merkaba, a doubled, duo-directional spinning of a tetrahedron upon themselves, make a merkaba. Merkabas have also been spun for healing in ancient cultures. The arc of a pendulum, the path of a spinning globe, are also examples of this geometry.

5. Fractals and other sacred mathmetics, golden mean, pi, ratios.
Amazing, non-repeating, seemingly magic numbers have been discovered to equate and formulate these patterns.

6. The Sacred Geometry of Sound:
"Sacred architecture is frozen music." Goethe
Circle of fifths and musical relationships to these:
The healing aspects of the Sofeggio scale and its notes.
Using frequency for healing and specifically repairing DNA.
Music is an obvious form which also follows these structures. Music is also used in most forms of trance, or transformation, of human sacred ceremony.
Fibonnaci, natural flowering, branching, flowering forms follows same laws found in musical scales.

*Here are some interesting quotes and some web site resources, sources:

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sacred poi geometry

Chakra as a spinning wheel:
"Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning "spinning wheel of energy". These energy centers
within our bodies receive and transmit energy, and each is situated at a major endocrine
gland, and nerve bundle within the physical body, called a plexus. Each chakra is
connected and associated with a different part of the body. There are seven chakras. Each
chakra has a color, and different gemstones and crystals can be associated with these.
Understanding and using your chakras can promote physical, emotional and spiritual
healing, and can lend energy to your manifestational work."


"And as several articles in the Spirit of Ma'at have reported, Dr. Masaru Emoto has proven over and over again, through photographing water crystals, that there is a geometrical correspondence between human thoughts and emotions and the very shape of the matter that surrounds us. Water, Emoto has shown, "treated" with love or beautiful music, undergoes molecular change into beautiful, harmonious geometrical forms. And the same happens in reverse: chaotic or "negative" thought and emotion cause the crystals of water to become unformed and unlovely."

I have this book and some think it is unreal. I do believe that our emotions can help control the forms around us.


"Phenomenon that ties the mathematical spiral to the experiential spiral. In practical terms, they are one and the same. It will take a bit of explanation to demonstrate the probably ridiculous notion that the golden mean spiral can be experienced most simply as a profound feeling of love.
Simply put, the Golden Mean Spiral is a doorway that weaves the ethereal and material dimensions together"

Ronald L Holt
Director, FOLR LLC "To the Golden Spiral In All of Us". April 21, 1999

"Love is obviously a positive emotion. It is not far-fetched for us to believe that emotion is a higher power than matter. Matter is movement within space, adhering to the laws of buiding."


"The Flower of Life is the most significant of all the symbols in sacred geometry."

"This breathing process, practiced on Earth 13,000 years ago, is the key to the correct use of The MerKaBa, often referred to as the "Vehicle for Ascension, " is a crystalline energy field integrating specific geometric shapes that expand around the body for 55 feet."
Drunvello; man who had held workshops on merkaba meditations and Flower of Life workshops.


Short and ongoing discoveries and conclusions.

The Flower of Life seems to be a shape that is reproducable by human activity and mathematical geometry.

Breathing patterns, the formation of personal geometry, creating a geometric environment around you, with action, with light, with motion and mass, mixed with vibrational patterns of sound, maybe 7 colors of the rainbow, forming the flower of life, a healing merkaba pattern, ACTIVE meditation, intent and the power of your emotion................
These, are keys to the answers of unknown questions.

Creating environments with these tools will find even more sacred elements. Possibly other forms of healing trance, or even dimensional travel.

Please feel free to email comments on this page. It will be updated.
July 2009


Examples of movements involved with sacred geometry include spinning poi, staffs, hoops, or just about any kind of movement, some involving props:

Video of Mike Smith hooping
during an EE performance at HONK Festival in Seattle:

For video (2009) of Kate fire spinning, see YouTube:


sacred poi spinning circle transcendental power

POI, FIRE and FLAG spinning also available
Link to EE's Poi, Fire and Poi lessons page:
EE Magic Circus Band Chicago Poi and Fire page

* another valuable link from Kate Riegle - van West







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