Sacred Geometry:
Images in Nature

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sunflower sacred geometry
Sunflowers contain spirlas that move clockwise and counter-clockwise.
These patterns are derived naturally from the Fibonicci Sequence, closely related to the Golden Ration (phi) and other "sacred" growth patterns.

sunflower sacred geometry
Human dimensions are also governed by certain sacred geometrical patterns.
Please also see the drawings by Da Vinci.

passion fruit sacred geometry
Passion Fruit Flower

passion fruit sacred geometry
Bees have so much to explore as sacred geometers

human form and sacred geometry
Arguably, humans are nature, and study their own geometry,
often with diagrams that relate to super-natural laws and spirituality of form.

Take a look at Leonardo da Vinci's drawings as well.

passion fruit sacred geometry

"The chambered nautilus grows at a constant rate and so its shell forms a logarithmic spiral to accommodate that growth without changing shape." Wikipedia

The Mollusk, or Nautilus, follows a classic sacred spiral.

passion fruit sacred geometry

passion fruit sacred geometry

passion fruit sacred geometry

passion fruit sacred geometry
Series of Golden Ratios, or Phi.

passion fruit sacred geometry
A beautiful example of snowflakes and the Flower of Life.
Of course it would make sense that water can show us these laws.

passion fruit sacred geometry
The Fibonicci Sequence was originally part of a puzzle,
to find out the sequential mean of how rabbits multiply algorhythmically.

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