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Snow Globe + Ancient Astronauts

all footage and editing except track #2 by Fred Hickler
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5 Tracks: 79 total minutes
1. EE @ the Snow Globe 4 minute demo-edit
Chicago Millenial Park, 2002, 4 min.

2. FEATURE: The Ancient Astronauts of Ohm-Bah
Black Sheep Puppet Festival, Pittsburgh, 2001, 33 min.
filmed and edited by Dave Zappala, mastered by Fred

3. Ronnie Woo-Woo of Chicago Cubs Fame
Evil Clown reception @ Roscoes on Halsted, 2004, 7 min.

4. Early Ancient Astronaut footage- Puppetropolis-Chicago, 2000
Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art Summer Solstice, 5 min.

5. Raw Snow Globe documentary-music footage
Chicago Millenial Park, 2002, 30 min.


Our Old School Video is available:
In honor of the ten year anniversary of the untimely death of
Dave Christensen, co-founder of EE
EE has produced a DVD of Some AWESOME footage:
Guerilla Art Installations,
Urban Playgrounds, 1996

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