Sacred Geometry Forms:
Flower of Life, Seed of Life,
Fruit of Life, Egg of Life, images and variations

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centered flower of life image
Flower of Life with Center Circle in Red

fruit of life
The Seed of Life:
A circle in the center with circles in a hexagonal pattern,
with each of the outer circles centered on the circumference of the inner circle,
and evenly spaced, like a perfect hexagon.

fruit of life
The Flower of Life used to produce The Egg of Life:
Looks like nucleus of Atom, 7 circles, maybe 8 in 3D.

fruit of life
The Flower of Life used to create the Seed of LIfe:
61 circles down to 13 circles.

fruit of life
The Fruit of Life overlaid with The Platonic Solids:
The Platonic Solids along with Star Tetrahedron and Metatron's Cube.
Note the pentagons in the dodecahedron.

seed of life parent
The Flower of Life:
Seemingly, another set of circles with centers on the new exterior vortices.....

complex flower of life
Complex Flower of Life overlays.


seed of life parent

masonic seed of life
Masonic Symbol derived from Seed of Life layers

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