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Environmental Encroachment offers its services of large scale presentations, such as multi-media marching band and event support. These are unique artistic events that can provide our sponsors and sites with a Spectacle.

EE HAS PERFORMANCE INSURANCE. Ask us to send a .pdf file.

The following are suggested guidelines and requirements for an EE performance.

We also provide smaller performances to suit SMALLER BUDGETS OR more intimate settings.

Stage and Tech

Stage size should be at least 20 x 14 feet.
PA not required but suggested.
SOUND: our sound includes a vocal mic, drums , and possibly one or two electrical instruments.
3-4 Mics should suffice. A Sousaphone area mic, elevated in the back is needed.
Minimal house lighting and three to four spots and floods.
Electricity to run two amps should suffice.

Transportation Air or ground transport of between 8 and 15 people.
Transportation of costumes and stage props.
Fee/Honorarium Minimum: $1000 per 1/2 hour for costumed musical appearances.
For full scale costumed march and multi-media show: $3300 or we can negotiate barters.
Sites This includes clean, secure storage and dressing sites, with mirrors and electricity. Parking, all permissions and permits must be provided.
Set Up

For stage or marching band shows, one hour is required for preparation


EE can work out any sort of production inquiries with its hosts: video, audio, streaming, etc.

Festivals EE can provide its own camping arrangements if provided with a plot
Contact Mike Smith - Environmental Encroachment (encroach(-at-)mindspring(-dot-)com)
Other Accomodations If necessary, sleeping arrangements, preferably on site (with highspeed internet).