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Our Puppets Page came from a huge demand of people coming to our somewhat large site(, sifting through and saying, "WHERE'S THE PUPPETS??!!"

For Images visit our new Puppet Gallery.
(shadow puppets, hand puppets, backpack puppets, puppet stages, with more to come.)

Link to important article about the famed Puppetistas, who were illegally apprehended by the police of Philadelphia. Read their story at the by clicking here. pass it on.
On another puppo-political front, here is an e-mail from our puppeteer friends Damiano and Cristina from Milan's Teatro del Corvo, who wrote telling of their experience at the GATT meeting in Milan.
Click here to read story.

Click here to read Puppet Regime, preview article for the Black Sheep Puppet Festival 2001, including insightful quotes from fest directors and short interview with Mike Smith from EE, by Gordon Spencer.

Links to Mike Smith's reviews and articles in Puppetry Journal:
Interview with Puppeteer Miss Pussycat from New Orleans, Summer 2003
Also a review of her puppet video North Pole Nutrias.

Review of the Fourth Annual Black Sheep Puppet Festival, October 2002
Another great festival produced by the I.A.C. at the historic Pittsburgh Brewhaus

Summer Shorts on the Puppetry Scene in Chicago, 2002
Events in Puppetry during an off-Puppetropolis Summer

Review of Redmoon Theater's Salao - The Worst Kind of Unlucky, Spring 2002
Redmoon of Chicago hits the stage with an adaptation of The Old Man and the Sea

Interview with Ratso, puppet host of dance show Chic-A-Go-Go, 2002
Chic-A-Go-Go is a popular dance show in Chicago hosted by a well travelled puppet journalist, Ratso.

Review of Black Sheep Puppet Festival, Fall 2001
The BSP Festival is a great puppetry fest and features very fresh talent in a unique environment.

Review of Puppetropolis Chicago, Summer 2001
Puppetropolis was a ten day festival with hundreds of performers from around the world!

An excerpt from our Links page related to puppetry:
* Puppetropolis, Chicago 2001 2001 schedule and info
* Black Sheep Puppet Festival, Pittsburgh site temporarliy down
  Wise Fool Puppetry, get their book
  Providence Puppetry Festival
  The PUPPETRY Home Page
  the Puppetry Lounge
  Puppeteers of America
** Combustible Puppet Cabaret
  Puppet Uprising in Philadelphia
  Bread and Puppet homepage
  KneeHigh Puppeteers, Australia
friends from Pittsburgh, amazing show.
  Puppet Uprising festival, Philly
  Scissor Roc Puppet Festival, Chicago






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