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Senior ancient astronaut Miguelito operates his more new school trombone counterpart, the Wizard of Naranja.
Full Pitch Modulation from the master. He used to gig with Oscar De Leon.

The puppet booth, a quick shot of a stage waiting to "awaken".

Photo is of the ancient astronauts ship and space monolith. This monlith allows space and time travel. It also has the all-seeing eye, ender the gold leafed lid right here.


The first glimpse of a backpack puppet by EE. A sulfuric trombone playnign sulfruric (or hydrothermic) vent worm.

The are an unusual species that do not seem to age, or need any nutrients besides those provided by under water sulfur vents. They don't even need light!

They can play a mean ,"When the Saints.. .." though.

The dueling trombones of the vent worms. Much better than Dune!

Two, totally portable, comfortable, lightweight, and effective costumes built as back pack puppets.

These designs work, and the music is the kicker.

Bret Lortie in another back pack puppet that allowed for trombone playing in a children's puppet parade at teh Black Sheep Puppet Festival in Pittsburgh.

Bret's character was based on the ancient Piasa Bird (also proficient at Jazz Trombone).

Sometimes, it is too dark, and you need to stick your alien head out of the puppet for air, or vision. It can be dangerous in there.
EE's patented use of projectors for good scary shadow puppets during a trance drum scene. This "dream sequence" occurs as Chief Bawtagwala has a vision of offering himself to the Piasa bird as sacrifice, but really its a trick to slay the bird.

The Puppets are made fo colored gels, cardboard, and goat skin.

They are hoisted and controled by a filament wire attatched to a rod and operated behind the screen.

Here, the great bird is about to attack!
More wonderful "stage adaptation" from Scot of EE with his portable stage with edible shadow puppets.

Puppet classics.

Puppet favorites.

Senor Strawberry

Lab Buddha monkey.

Space Conzo Bongo.

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