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Chicago Brass Band - Environmental Encroachment
Environmental Encroachment (EE) uses a mobile brass band, costumes, performance art and theatrics to create unique entertainment environments for any event.

Research on Covid-19 and Brass Instrument Aerosols
-link to a new study from University of So. Denmark concludes that instruments are barely above background levels of aerosol.

Very Positive news for Brass and Woodwind Musicians.

Please Click below to read and download the entire .pdf,
entitled: "Measurement of aerosol from brass and woodwind instruments
(playing 5 minutes in distances from 0.5 to 4 meter)"

LINK: http:www.encroach.net/covid_19_brass_woodwind_university_research_study_2020.html

SPOILER: (good stuff)
"Conclusion (from original .pdf)
The emission of aerosol measured from brass and wood wind instruments was very low, and almost at the same level as background concentrations. Other experiments have shown very little airflow and very small aerosol concentrations at short distances from brass and woodwind instruments. Based on the actual measurements and the other studies mentioned 1 meter distance playing brass and woodwind instruments seems to be safe with respect to the risk of spreading aerosol from the instruments. This assumes that musician blow towards the back of fellow musicians."
Upcoming Events (mostly in flux): (updated November 2, 2020)
Sunday, November 8
EE ... Another outdoor performance for 2020....,.,
Phyllis' Musical Inn Beer Garden, (Heated Tents)
3-6 PM

Phyllis' Musical Inn Beer Garden - 1800 West Division, Chicago, IL
December 2020
Krampus Parade
Info coming soon..........
Please CHECK OUT this year's answer to HONK Festival in Sommerville:
HONK UNITED~! October, 2020

Watch videos from street bands all over the globe.
NEW VIDEO uploaded September, 2020:
Link to EE's Song "Downtown Skunk" performed at the Chicago Roller Derby's Ivy King Cup in February 2020:

An older Link to EE's NPR Tiny Desk:
Environmental Encroachment, a Chicago funk marching band, 

adopts Enkesha the Elephant

Enkesha the Elephant, from Environmental
                          Encroachment's site
Chicago, IL - November 18 2019 – Environmental Encroachment, or EE, a funk/ punk marching band has has ADOPTED AN ELEPHANT through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust of Nairobi Kenya. ENKESHA, an adolescent female, had her trunk almost severed in a poacher’s snare, resulting in emergency surgery. Since then, Enkesha is en route to a spectacular recovery.

Environmental Encroachment’s goals include improving humanity (and now elephants!) through music, play, and involvement. EE was hosted by Didi and Chris McDonald, of Somerville, Massachusetts, while on tour. Their kindness and love of elephants inspired a financial gift from EE, in the name of Didi McDonald, to the foundation.

EE plans to continue and foster this relationship, and has written a song, “Triumphant Elephant”, and are composing an “Adopt and Elephant” Suite of Music and Videos. EE has been PROMOTING ECO-AWARENESS and is honored to include preservation of these majestic beings. Songs will be sent to Enkesha and her guardians in hopes to eventually have a meet-up (and JAM) with EE and Enkesha and friends.

From EE to Didi: “We found this funky little lady and we couldn't pass her up. We already started writing a new song in your and her honor.”

From Didi to EE: “Enkesha is one of my favorites. She is such a fighter!”

From the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: “Thank you for playing your part in supporting our Orphans' Project, so that Enkesha can have the care, love and support needed to heal and grow, while securing a protected home in which to roam.”

Click here to download PRESS RELEASE in .pdf format

Link to Promotional 30 second VIDEO

From Windy City Smoke-out, 2019
1. YouTube Link: Song: Tootie Ma

Links to EE's MUSIC

Link to Downloads thru Band Camp
Link to physical disc purchases thru CDBaby

99 cents a song.
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"Ya'll are Funky!" Bootsy Collins
"I know they have a great version of Amazing Grace" Joan Baez
"EE, veterans of street action and indomitable spirits" Mark Messing
"You make me want to dance with my six year-old." Alex
"Inimitable." Hungry March Band
"EE has a storied NYC underground history
" geminiandscorpio.com


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