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Saturday and Sunday, July 13-14, 2002
NASCAR, Joliet Illinois
Chicago Motor Speedway

Environmental Encroachment was hired for two days to provide Marching Band entertainment throughout "Expo Village", which technically was a giant market set up outside the track for the tail-gate parties and consumer booths selling concepts and brands, while giving away branded goodies.




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The Environmental Encroachment marching band never did make it to the infield (shown here). We would have caused a car crash, especially with our giant race car driver puppet and marching band. And also, especially with our marching leader Jane (the one in the orange body-suit, sponsored by no-one but Jane herself).

We marched with 18, including one person in the giant race car driver bobble-head puppet.

Photos will be included soon from Saverio Truglia and Alyce Henson. check back.

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